Christmas PJs

Christmas PJs

A time-honored tradition since my childhood is Christmas pjs. We love the whimsical and often times funny prints to help celebrate the season. We used to hand them out as the present to open on Christmas Eve. We would head to church and come back so excited to unwrap a little holiday cheer. 

This year we picked up a couple of options to wear leading up to the big day. The kids love them and mom and dad enjoy the comfort of cozy and comfy clothes. Some options are to buy 1 get 1 50% off. Others are already deeply discounted too!

Our pjs:

There are so many great options out there too. Here are a couple more selections that are too cute to not pick up for your little one or as a gift. You can purchase online then pick up in store or receive by mail in time for the holidays! 

Shop the post:

Hope you find a pair just for you. Stay tuned for some holiday fun! I am sharing my decor and home on the blog later today!

Happy shopping!





Shopping for your man does not have to be hard. When I think of gifts for Chris, I try to envision the year of wear and what staples we are always replacing or he is missing.

Shop the post:

Here are the top items I will purchase for him to take him through 2019! A gorgeous watch to keep him on time. New sunnies as he always steals my aviators. A leather wallet to replace his worn out one! The rest are just fun items that I know he could use and are cozy and needed!

Check back tomorrow for another gift list!



Halloween -Oz

Halloween -Oz

We love Halloween in this house. Dressing up is by far the best activity and pretending to be a character is even better.

We take Halloween seriously and have been dressing in similar costumes as a family since the kids arrived. We have been superheroes, pirates, storybook characters, and more. This year we took on OZ. Let me tell you how fun it was to build these looks.

I started shopping a little late, which is a rookie mistake. Luckily on my trip this past weekend I stopped in a Party City and found missing sizes on key outfits. The kids were Dorothy, the lion, the tin man, and scarecrow. We had to make the scarecrow costume as they did not have this available for a boy. I was the wicked witch and my hubby was the wizard.

Most of the costumes are from Party City. Some pieces are Osh Kosh, Target, Old Navy, and Macy’s. I incorporate everyday clothes all the time into my costumes. You will be surprised how many looks you can DIY from your own closet.

I think we turned out pretty great. The hardest part of the look was the green face and body paint. I wanted an even blend and the right shade. I have a product called snazaroo. It is a water based paint and is easy to apply and remove. Thank you. No more scrubbing until you are red in the face. Here are a few tricks I learned while applying my makeup.

1. Use moisturizer and then top with a light foundation. This allowed for a smoother finish and helped the paint apply to the face.

2. Do not add too much water. It will remove paint that has already been applied.

3. Make sure you have a fine point brush for the details. I actually pulled out my travel brushes and used the lip and eyeliner ones to complete the eyes. They were easy to wash when done.

4. Use a mixture of eyeshadow and paint for a more irradescent color and easy application.

5. When in costume always wear false eye lashes. They add to the whole look and create an amazing focal point.

6. Spice up a look with glitter. There are a ton of gels that appply easily with glitter. The face paint we used actually provided two colors and this was easy to work with. I did not feel the glitter and was not worried about using it near the eye. Be mindful of this if using on a child. You do not want any irritation.

Don’t forget to have fun. At Halloween you can be anyone you want to be. You are mysterious and fun. Dressing up is not just for the kids. It is for you too.

What are some of your favorite costumes you have worn over the years?

Happy Halloween!



Weekend Travel

Weekend Travel

Travel Bag: Blvd. East

My family loves to travel. I was so excited to take this last minute trip to Denver with my hubby. He has work and I have socializing and shopping! Yes! You can’t be that for a fun getaway.

I told you before that my husband went to the Air Force Academy and we have several friends that live in Colorado from his time in the military and all of our assignments. Colorado was home almost ten years ago. We sure do miss it and try to get back as often as possible. Tonight is not only about work, but friendships and we can’t wait to connect with our friends!

Because our trip was a short one I got to debut my new weekender. I love this barrel bag. It is made from the finest leather and is two toned. There is a double zipper, a shoulder strap (optional), and it comes in two color options, signature Windsor hunter green or navy blue with a tan accent. Guys and gals – you have to pick one of these up. They are spacious and offer appeal for a day bag or a weekend bag. The hubs and I are already fighting over whose bag it is – honestly, doesn’t he know that everything is mine. JK!

The company behind the bag is Blvd. East. They are a local Dallas company with a great story. All items are handmade in Dallas and LA. Their philioshpy is Find Your Journey. You know what? Your bags make it that much easier to take on life.

Here’s to finding your journey! Happy weekend!


BTW, exciting things are coming soon. Make sure to check back often!

Shop My Look:

Sophisticated Style

Sophisticated Style

Shop his look:

Shirt: Men's Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Stretch Solid Dress Shirt, Size 15.5 35 - Blue / Pants: Suitsupply Dallas / Tie: Traveler Collection Double Stripe Tie (similar) / Shoes: Cole Haan / Belt: Cremieux / Watch: Movado 'Heritage' Leather Strap Watch, 40Mm / Socks: Men's Calvin Klein Stripe Socks, Size One Size - Blue (similar)

Clothing makes the man! I love this polished look for him. It is sophisticated, commands attention, and is easy on the eyes.

When you grow up in a household of men and they are all businessmen, you appreciate the beauty (I know not a word to describe a guy) of a well crafted suit, pant, you name it. I always love seeing my guys dressed up.

This style is fitted and looks great. He is 6’3″ so the cut is perfect for him. The navy, blue, purple, and brown compliment each other perfectly.

His shirt is Bonobos. This company is doing great things. They are the largest clothing brand built on the web. They have guideshops that can help you start the process of buying a perfect fit for you.

Pants are Suitsupply. They produce high quality Italian fabric, expert tailoring, and a great price point for a trendy garment.

Shoes and accessories are brown leather. They are a great finish to this polished look. Total debonair!


Men’s Bonobos Jetsetter Slim Fit Stretch Solid Dress Shirt, Size 15.5 35 – Blue

Navy Trousers

Traveler Collection Double Stripe Tie

Watson Loafer

Crocodile Belt

Movado ‘Heritage’ Leather Strap Watch, 40Mm

Men’s Calvin Klein Stripe Socks, Size One Size – Blue