Pet Peeve =)

Pet Peeve =)

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Rocker Chic

Rocker Chic

I love Zara! I first met Zara in the 90’s when I studied abroad in Salamanca, Espana! That was an experience in itself and I will share about it in the near future! Continue reading “Rocker Chic”



We recently learned about Orbeez. These are small beads or “seeds” that magically grow with water. They are a great sensory tool that children and adults can relax with during the day.

You simply place them in a large bowl or container and add clean water. Let them sit overnight and they grow 150 times their volume.

My kids have loved playing with these this week. You can roll them, throw them, bounce them, or relax in them (foot bath for the adults)! I have even seen some people decorate with them.

There are endless options for this fun toy! I linked them below! A great deal for the amount you receive!

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I received some questions regarding the girls’ raincoats today. They are actually considered a boy garment, but they are unisex in my opinion.

These are great raincoats for the kids. They are durable, waterproof, and cute! My little Paddington Bears =)

I provided you two options for the striped hood. One is slightly cheaper. The solid yellow comes in three color options too!

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Striped Hood: Joe Fresh / Striped Hood: Cat & Jack / Solid Yellow: Wippette


Twins Turn 6

Twins Turn 6

My babies turned six yesterday and I can’t believe how fast we got here. We dreamed of having babies for so long and after several losses were blessed with these two perfect boys. God answered a prayer and made us parents and we are so grateful for this opportunity to love, nurture, and guide our children.

Twins run in my family every generation and there are a few sets on Chris’ side too. When we found out I was expecting two my mom said, “Well, you always said you wanted twins!” Funny how little girl play became reality. Of course, we are happy that we had a boy, but all we wanted was a healthy child and pregnancy. We were blessed by both.

I had a wonderful pregnancy and all along thought the boys would come early. Around 31 weeks we started to have preterm labor and I was surrounded by some of the best in North Carolina medicine. I was fortunate enough to have a steroid shot. For those that do not know, this assists the child so they have a better experience breathing on their own and strengthens their organs. Thank goodness, because the boys arrived at 34 weeks and 1 day. If I was a betting woman, I would have won big!

They did not experience any trauma, but were delivered as emergency c-section babies as one went breach and they saw a loose knot in one of the chords and did not want to take any chances. Thank you. When I tell you this staff was a well oiled machine you would not believe how amazing they were that day. From the time I was wheeled into surgery to the time of delivery was a quick 15 minutes top. The boys spent 13 days in NICU and we made some wonderful friends out of nurses that loved and treated our sons as their own. What an amazing experience and a blessing to work with these women.

Today the boys are strapping young fellas and are in kindergarten. They are exceeding our expectations and have such much joy, energy, and thirst for learning. We are so proud of them and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Happy birthday boys! Momma loves you!


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Halloween -Oz

Halloween -Oz

We love Halloween in this house. Dressing up is by far the best activity and pretending to be a character is even better.

We take Halloween seriously and have been dressing in similar costumes as a family since the kids arrived. We have been superheroes, pirates, storybook characters, and more. This year we took on OZ. Let me tell you how fun it was to build these looks.

I started shopping a little late, which is a rookie mistake. Luckily on my trip this past weekend I stopped in a Party City and found missing sizes on key outfits. The kids were Dorothy, the lion, the tin man, and scarecrow. We had to make the scarecrow costume as they did not have this available for a boy. I was the wicked witch and my hubby was the wizard.

Most of the costumes are from Party City. Some pieces are Osh Kosh, Target, Old Navy, and Macy’s. I incorporate everyday clothes all the time into my costumes. You will be surprised how many looks you can DIY from your own closet.

I think we turned out pretty great. The hardest part of the look was the green face and body paint. I wanted an even blend and the right shade. I have a product called snazaroo. It is a water based paint and is easy to apply and remove. Thank you. No more scrubbing until you are red in the face. Here are a few tricks I learned while applying my makeup.

1. Use moisturizer and then top with a light foundation. This allowed for a smoother finish and helped the paint apply to the face.

2. Do not add too much water. It will remove paint that has already been applied.

3. Make sure you have a fine point brush for the details. I actually pulled out my travel brushes and used the lip and eyeliner ones to complete the eyes. They were easy to wash when done.

4. Use a mixture of eyeshadow and paint for a more irradescent color and easy application.

5. When in costume always wear false eye lashes. They add to the whole look and create an amazing focal point.

6. Spice up a look with glitter. There are a ton of gels that appply easily with glitter. The face paint we used actually provided two colors and this was easy to work with. I did not feel the glitter and was not worried about using it near the eye. Be mindful of this if using on a child. You do not want any irritation.

Don’t forget to have fun. At Halloween you can be anyone you want to be. You are mysterious and fun. Dressing up is not just for the kids. It is for you too.

What are some of your favorite costumes you have worn over the years?

Happy Halloween!