Love Notes

Love Notes

My Favorite Things

October 22, 2017

Welcome back!

I am so excited to share some of my favorite things you with you today. These pertain to my life, style, and wardrobe. I hope you fall in love with these things as I have.

Things that make me tick:

I love happy colors. At home, my bedroom is my sanctuary. I recently updated our furniture to a rich cheery wood. Our side tables are mirrored and provide a nice contrast to the wood. I bought our set at Nebraska Furniture Mart in their Design Gallery. The best part of my room is the wall color. It is a soft almost ice color blue with a hint of green. It is Limelight by Behr. It is 700E-2. When you paint you need to keep in mind that lighting will play a major role in the appearance of the color. Always sample a color on your wall. The texture will absorb it differently and depending on natural light and furniture it may change too.

I love my iPad. I have a 2nd generation that has taken hits left and right. I use this one as my reader. It is 6+ years old and is still kicking. That is good for electronics and the way they are becoming obsolete at a rapid pace. I did receive an iPad Pro for my anniversary and use that for business. We upgraded the screen size and it is amazing. It functions as a desktop with the keyboard cover and functionality.

I love fresh flowers. My favorite by far is the star gaze lily. This is so fragrant and the pops of pink are delightful. Just make sure you clean the pollen out or you are in for a big mess. I really like all varieties and typically have those peonies, hydrangeas, and roses in the home at all times. Treat yourself once a week. You are worth it!

I love wide open spaces and being outdoors. I grew up and live in a major US city. On the weekends and in my downtime we head out to our property. We have ten acres of wide open space. Two ponds/mini lakes. Five chickens. The beauty of our landscape with the tall pines, the oak trees, the silky water, livestock, and our barns/home are so relaxing. It is a treat to visit and recharge. This is the best medicine and we love that our children have a space to play and be a kid.

I love the water. I get quite of fix of it through the year. From my backyard and the pool to the beaches in Florida. I am a water baby through and through. Our favorite beach destination is Watercolor. It is part of 30a and stretches down the Gulf Coast. There are beautiful white beaches and crystal blue water!

I love to bake and cook. Although now days you will see me baking more so than cooking. Oh to have a personal chef 😉 I can whip up nearly anything from scratch. I am not afraid to try new recipes and if I mess up I will do it again. My most recent creation was for my daughter’s fourth birthday. A unicorn cake. What do you think? I am not Martha Stewart, but I can carry my own!

Below are some things that I use regularly in my styling. Scroll through for some ideas and read below to see why I love these things.

Check them out!

In my closet:

I love my Nike’s. They are an extension of me literally. I wear those bad boys daily. Working out is a big part of my lifestyle. I feel stronger, better, and healthier when I do cardio and weights. Not only do these work for my fitness program, but I can wear these with other looks for comfort. Don’t get me wrong. I will not wear them to the bar with my jeans 😉

I love my Dear John’s. These denim jeans are so comfortable and are very slimming with the dark wash and cut. I wear these on repeat a lot. I must admit that I have a pretty wide variety of denim in my closet. All labels and fits. :0)

I love dresses, especially maxi dresses. My go to maxis are one picked up a Nordstrom and two from Amazon (they have like 9 colors). Here is the exact link. Dresses are so feminine. I love the way they feel and look. My body is a more hour glass figure and I have a lot of curves. These dresses lay beautifully and accentuate my shape without showing off the goods. These maxis have pockets too, which is an added bonus.

I love spaghetti strap tops. They show off a woman’s shoulders and neck. Very sexy and comfortable. They can be worn with almost anything too!

I love long vests or scarfs. Layering is a must. I love the added color and texture that these items give a look. A favorite scarf is a pastel pattern from Paul Michael Company. Another is a blanket scarf I bought from an Instagram boutique. I have an ELLE and A New Day long vest that are amazing too.

I love any type of sandal or slide. The ease of wear and the fun pops of color from painted toes and patterns/styles are the best. In Texas our weather is warmer more than it is cool. My sandals carry me through the year and add a little pizazz to any look. They show off the foot [please no Boomerang moments ;)] and provide that delicate touch.

I love my Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote. This bag is the perfect size for my lifestyle. I still have one in diapers. I can let this double as a diaper bag or an everything bag. Most of the time the kids goodies are in it with a few pieces of mine. The point is it is a beautiful bag and the size is amazing. It is stylish and Louis is a great companion.

My beauty goodies:

I love my Dior lip glow. This enhances the natural color of your lip. Their are four tints to choose from and the sheen is soft and pretty. I use berry for a more pink/rouge color.

I love my Loreal mascara. The volume and length are awesome and are long lasting. You really only need one good application and a curl of the lashes to have color eyes!

I love my Essie Ballet Slipper and Mademoiselle polish for a natural and slightly pink nail. I love my OPI gel softshades color series. They are a natural/nude/pink tint and are beautiful on the nail. The coverage is amazing and lasts longer than a color polish.

I love my Image MD Skincare. I use the tinted/spf moisturizer and their .

I love my Vera Wang and Ralph Lauren Style perfumes. Call me old school, but the scents are gorgeous and last all day!

My jewelry box:

I love my rolex. This watch is by far the best watch I have ever owned. It is timeless and beautiful with everything.

My hoops. I love gold and silver and have several pairs of each. Some are layered and some are not. These are a must for me. I have long hair and these standout and add to my style.

My bangles. I love to layer on my wrist. I have several styles and incorporate some together and separately depending on my mood.

These are just a few things that I love and offer more insight into who I am. My lists could go on for days, but these items are really the ones you will see the most! I am a casual kind of girl that loves to dress up. Don’t misunderstand my cozy style for boring. I really do have an eclectic sense of style and mix and match looks regularly. This is the key for a busy mom of four!

Thanks for spending time with me. What are some of your favorite things?