Mother’s Day Out

February 27, 2018


Girls on the town

They say when you become a mother it’s like no other feeling in the world. Check this day out with the kids. One more beautiful day spent with my girls. We took a trip to Bishop Arts District to explore the area and shoot for the blog. Little did I know it would be such a fun day filled with memories and laughter.

I found these really cute looks for the girls at Target. I love love love Target’s new look and buyers. Yes, this is a plug for them but honestly they are my go to store for everything. Jordyn, my four year old loves fashion. Jordyn has an edge to her personality, she’s watchful and observant, but give her a moment to shine and she’s walking the runway at any Paris fashion house. The girl has posing and walking skills that are better than her momma (thank goodness).

We paired her distressed white denim with a Puma sneaker and a cute little pink bag with accent pom.  Target had this cute blue tank top and the pullover top to complete her look. Miss Sass was on her turf during this shoot!

Now Maddie, my two year old is up for anything. She’s usually watches big sis and copies everything she does. Maddie, short for Madison is confident, playful and very determined! She’s rockin’ a bohemian style with her hat, denim jacket paired with a yellow and crochet top, we then added this cute cotton pant for that Maddie look. Our little one is just now getting into the purse (bag) thing and she loved this little straw bag. Her versatile white sandal lends itself to many looks, thankful it looked great today.

Momma (me) went casual for the shoot. My trusted boyfriend jeans (actually my little brother’s), white Halogen sneaker, a white tank and my awesome long blush duster made up my look for the day. I accessorized with my big gold hoops and a few bracelets.

BTW, I wore this look minus the sneakers for a fun lipstick post! Check out my shoes above in the smile scroll!

Overall, we rocked the vibe at Bishops Arts District. If you’re ever in Dallas be sure and go out to see this upcoming hip area near Downtown Dallas and the Dallas Zoo. There are restaurants, plenty of shopping, and art throughout this little village type area.




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