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May 3, 2018

I am an avid traveler. If you know about me or know me you know that I worked in the airline industry for close to a decade. On top of this fun fact, I have also been fortunate enough to travel many places throughout the world.

Now that my children are old enough we are taking them on more trips and longer distances. This summer we are heading out for close to a month to Asia and we can’t wait. I am already starting to prepare our wardrobe and realized that I need to step up my luggage game. That said, what are some of your favorite brands. Let me preface this and say that although I love my name brands and beautiful luggage I have a hard time investing in that as it just gets tossed under a plane and the conveyor belts work their magic on those corners….

I currently have good luggage that I picked up at Kohl’s two years ago. We have four size options and soft cases. I like that my wheels are 360 capable and that they are still in decent shape based on their history of travel. I am now considering a hard case and what some with a little more quality to accommodate our growing family of six and the type of travel we are partaking.

Here are the top things I look for in luggage.

-durability (I want a piece of luggage that will give me a good five years before I need to start looking at replacements)

-color and texture (I want my luggage to stand out and not get lost in the masses; however, I don’t want something that is not elegant and mature looking)

-storage compartments (I want something that has zippers on the interior and allow me to separate clothes etc)

-roller (I love a rolling bag and expect to have a 360 feature so I don’t have to throw my back out)

-part of a set (I need multiple bags that offer different size options)

-weather proof (Now that we are traveling to other climates I would like a bag that can withstand different weather and not damage my clothing)

Some people go to the extreme when the luggage shop and bring a tape measure. This is not a bad thing, but not something I personally need to make a decision. Standard practice is that if you eyeball a bag and it is around two feet tall it should fit in the overhead bin. You also don’t want that more than a foot wide.

I need your help! Seriously leave me a comment with some of your favorite pieces of luggage.

Shop the look:


This is a great go to look for travel. It is comfortable and stylish. If you tend to get cold you have a cute cardigan to offset the temp while also serving as a great staple to complete this look. The statement is in the belt with your basic black and white. The denim short has always been a favorite. These are a great budget find and under $30. I like them as they are not too short and have a distressed edge.



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    May 3, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Love the fit! My favorite luggage is actually made from Herschel. They lack on the 360 wheels though but the actual bag lasts a life time!
    -Brian M

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      May 4, 2018 at 6:45 am

      Thx Brian! I will check it out!

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