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A Texas Girl in A Paris Mindset

November 8, 2018

You know I love to shop. I am always on the hunt for new looks, products, and trends for each season. I try to make them relevant to women and occasionally throw in some ideas for kids, men, home, and travel.

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Now my kids have learned that Mommy is a blogger. Sometimes, that’s not such a good thing for them because they want all of my time. However, they do enjoy taking a pic every now and then with mommy.  Jordyn, my five year old began showing modeling technique about 3 years ago, when she asked my mother to take a picture of her. To the amazement of us all, Jordyn begin popping poses like a big girl. I know what you are thinking…I am a blogger. That may be true, but I can tell you I definitely don’t have her moves! ha! I am going to let you in on a little secret. I am not so great in front of the camera. When people walk by I get so embarrassed. Just yesterday I told my mom I needed my shield on (sunglasses) so I could play the part. See – there is a story behind every photo!

Needless, to say you will be seeing more of the kids as I transition into not only my style, but my REAL life as TexasMadre. Jordyn shows a love of fashion and makeup and I am fostering her interest by allowing her to create/put on a fashion show, choose her own outfits, suggesting hairstyles, playing with her children’s cosmetics, etc. This in the long run will give her the foundation (pun intended) to know how to have fun with clothing, piece a look together, be comfortable in her choices. The funny thing is Jordyn is shy except when the camera is shooting. It’s very fascinating for me to see each of my four children’s strengths and interest in different areas.

Trends this fall are plaids, leather, metal boots, bold striped pattern sweaters, mixing of patterns and textures.  We added this cute little beanie for a pop to Jordyn’s look. Totally, by accident we needed a long sock and she had these cute striped ones to complete the look. The message here is really to dress for YOU. Jordyn has a dramatic flair to her modeling don’t ask me where she got it! Believe me, I run from the camera if I can.

Will this be a passing fancy for Jordyn as time moves forward perhaps, but when you see something that lights them up you support it. I’m all for encouraging any aspect of their imagination and talent especially when my reward is a giant smile!

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I added anther look of mine that took on some Parisian flare! I love the bright color of this sweater. A lot of cropped tops are in this season and this one is soft, comfortable, and pretty on. Check out the way I styled it and let me know your thoughts. The ponte skirt is flattering and stands out with the black top and leggings. A sophisticated and fun outfit for sure!



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