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June 6, 2019

We all wish our days would roll smoothly, but you do the best with the cards you are dealt!

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Recently, we painted the kitchen including cabinets and installed all new appliances. One of the appliances we love is our under counter ice maker. It has been the most finicky machine of all. They are expensive machines and have to maintained to operate smoothly. However, when they are alive and kicking they are fabulous.

Ok, back to my story – when this appliance was installed a line kinked and a leak became apparent. Our parquet wood floors were ruined as well as some of our cabinets. The subfloor which is slightly different than anticipated buckled too. As a result of this mess we are now getting a brand new kitchen, countertops, and all new hardwood throughout our downstairs. Yikes! I am not going to lie – I am secretly excited, but sad it came about this way.

Now I am living in a kitchen in chaos, dealing with contractors, and scheduling the packing and moving of my downstairs. The next step will be to choose the finish outs and decide on if I keep my original cabinet doors or not. Decisions decisions =) These are all just parts of the process of renovating an 80s era home.

I’m not able to work in the kitchen efficiently so I sometimes rely on my local artisan and gourmet stores to help this Texas Madre out! Each city has their own wonderful places they love and I have a few in the neighborhood I frequent. Each has specialty items and their food is delicious. Some of my faves are Kuby’s, Eatzi’s, Jimmy’s, Central Market, Whole Foods, Snap Kitchen, and Shortstop. Many of these are available on delivery apps too. Can we say helpful!?!

I love that the food is fresh and the choices are things my children and family would eat. Some are pricey, but as my hubs would say look at the cost of time and convenience factor. True that! I’ll be sharing my kitchen remodel with you so stay tuned.

Ok, I am out. Time for pool time with my kiddos and to finish packing.

Always thankful for your support of Texas Madre!



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