Life is Good

August 7, 2017

What a true statement?! A great friend gifted me this floppy hat for my birthday and I love it! 

Beach floppy hats have always been in, but personalization adds that extra flare! My hat is embroidered and can be found at Dear Hannah.

Other similar hats are made with sequin. For all you DIY, it is a simple project. Directions below:

Items needed:

2 yards of sequin found at a craft store

Floppy hat

Hot glue gun or other decorators glue

Printed sheet with saying to serve as stencil (optional) or you can freehand it

1 yard of pom tassel

To do:

Place hat on flat surface

Glue around the crown of the hat and take pom tassel and place on the hat. At the seam add an extra dab of glue to keep ends together. *I glue the pom tassel with the pom ontop*

Use stencil and trace backside with pencil. Once a thick layer of lead is on the letters place the stencil on the hat in the place you want the saying to reflect. The saying should leave a faint line for you.

Trace the saying with the glue gun a little at a time and place the sequin ontop

Cut the sequin strand as needed


Hope you enjoy and happy shopping and/or crafting!

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