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August 16, 2017

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I am a busy mom of four. During the school year, I start the day in my atheleisure gear so I don’t look like a hot mess and can easily hit the gym after drop off. TRUTH!

I love several athletic brands and when working out I must have a product that is forgiving. The polyester and spandex blends work best for me. If I am not in my Nike, Lululemon, Alo, or Adidas I can usually be found in a great find from Target’s C9 line.

They carry all the new trends including mesh and cut out fabric. You will love their current line. I just refreshed my gear and can’t complain.

Be sure to check out Target’s new interior redesign.

What’s in my closet:


Capri Leggings






Silver Stud Earrings



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