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March 27, 2018

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Let me tell you a little story. I was at the store this past weekend killing time before a birthday party. As I was perusing the aisles a very tired little boy was having a fit. He almost ran into me and said excuse me and went on with the show. A few minutes later he went outside with his parents and I presume was calmed down and etc.

This did not phase me as I am a mother of four and encounter these fun tantrums from time to time. It is life, tired little ones, conditioned little ones, and the fast paced gotta do everything and take my kids with me mentality. What I found most disturbing were the older individuals that were in the store talking smack about this little boy and his parents. I must have sat quietly for five minutes before I could not hold my tongue. Finally, I said you forget that you were that age once. The ladies started talking about how they were not allowed to go to the store, how they would have been beat, how that child was a problem. I reminded them that we are in a different age and we cannot reprimand our children the way we were reprimanded 30+ years ago. We would be in the backseat of a police cruiser heading downtown faster than you can say Charlie Brown. They kept ranting and raving and I just ended the discussion with you were that age once and this is a small child who should not be judged.

Do you ever encounter these situations? I know that when we flew home the other night we had to wake a sleeping baby as she proceeded to cry for 15 minutes while we went through security. People stared and I am sure whispered behind our back. I just smiled and tried to diffuse the situation as best as I could. I was by myself with luggage and two of my four kids. It is called survival mode. In my mind, you either tune in or tune out. What?! Ha!

At what point is it fair to step into a situation and try to assist? At what point do we quit judging others? At what point do we show empathy? I stepped in the other day and gave that child a voice because I was angry that these women and most likely mothers were going after a defenseless child.

I know that the correct action would be to leave the child at home with a caregiver. However, some people cannot afford this scenario or do not have coverage when something arises. We as parents are trying to teach our children the correct social graces and have to introduce them to different environments and scenarios. Is it always ideal, NO, but it is a stepping stone for the future.

As you can tell, this riles me up a bit. I am not even allowing my full opinion to jump out at you as I am not perfect. I make mistakes that effect my children and possibly people around me. But you know what? I am getting by and trying to lead by example. As parents, we need to stick together and support one another. We need to be open minded and remember that the world is a much different place. At the end of the day the only one you have to answer to is God! I would much rather have him in my corner with his loving and forgiving heart.

How would you handle this situation? What are some of your parenting pet peeves?

Rant is officially over. On a happier note, we celebrated my youngest birthday this weekend! She turned three on Monday! I will post her birthday party details soon! Until then enjoy my family’s style for our very busy and fun weekend. Cute and casual for the beautiful Texas weather that graced us this weekend.



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