High Stepping

August 30, 2017

It is no secret that I enjoy working out. One, it makes me feel better. Two, I can still fit in my clothes. 😉 Three, I can eat what I want. I am not by any means the billboard advertisement for health and fitness, but I am modeling a healthy lifestyle for my family and that is what matters.

I go through workout clothes pretty regularly. Cardio is my vice and that means a lot of work and sweat. I keep on hand 5-10 outfits that transition through seasons. Right now I am loving the mesh capris. They are edgy and can be worn for all types of activities. I kept it casual with a simple cotton tank.

You know me and my Nike’s. They are one my favorite shoes. The Air Pegasus is great for my arch and stability for my knee. Soccer and cheer did a number to my knees and these shoes address all those aches and pains.

So, as I high step into hump day I hope you all will take a little time for yourself. Be true, be real, be you!

Stay healthy friends.

Vogo Pants

Cotton Tank

Nike Air Pegasus

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