Maxi in Two Colors

August 22, 2018

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Walking into the American Doll Store this week was crazy amazing. Pricey but so worth seeing the girls enjoy picking out their dolls. One was adamant about getting a Bitty Baby. The other wanted a Welly and they really are so cute. FYI- we did keep a budget to it  (thank goodness) and to be honest I hope I never have to go there again. hahaha! So many things that draw the girls in. I will be broke in a minute =)

This summer I purchased some maxi’s for the vacations I took in June and August. This one was a big hit with friends and followers. The fit is perfect to dress up or down and flattering to many body shapes.

I love the different directions of stripe work and it makes the look even more classic. Add a great pair of sandals and you got yourself an easy look that goes to any occasion.

If you don’t know me yet, know that I’m all about comfort. I live a busy life with the four kids and all that goes with that so I need to be able to run carpool or go to a meeting at the drop of a hat. And believe me, I’ve kicked off my shoes and laid on the sofa for a good read still comfy in my maxi. Here’s to keeping it real.

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