Denim All Over

October 7, 2017

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Denim is and will alwlays be a favorite of mine. It is the perfect foundation for a stylish look and is a staple in my wardrobe. What was intended to be a fabric used for garments for hard work, has transcended into a fashion statement that covers many style ranges from casual to elegant.
This season I was looking for a denim jacket that I could pair with a few styles. Bam, I found it. The jean jacket is back in a big way for 2017. I chose to wear it old school style with just my jeans and a little cami. What I love about this jacket is how many ways I can wear it. I put a little bling to it with my wonderful leopard mule and gold jewelry. I could easily take off the jewelry add a work boot and work our land. Love the versatility of this fabric.
Look toward the coming weeks to see the ways I wear this jacket for style and fun. I think I might just purchase another one so I never have to look back and say I wish I had that denim jacket. Ha, I know it will probably out last me!
How many looks have you found to wear your denim? Be sure to post on the blog would love to see them.

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