October 15, 2017

I told you Target was on to something. Their buyers are doing a fantastic job bringing in fresh and fun inventory. I could have played in the Halloween department all day.

My family was really impressed with the selection of products to choose from. We started off in the costume section because why not?! The first thing that had the kids going were the food costumes. How cute are these? Pizza, hot dug, doughnut, cookie, and more. A quick and easy way to celebrate for the season with minimal effort. These costumes run from $20-$30. Money well spent for a whole lot of fun!

Shop food costumes here.

They also had a ton of mascot style costumes that are easy, secretive, and something different. While you can buy a full mascot costume on their online shop, their store offers four oversized versions of the head alone. They are all $30 and can be layered over your normal clothes. They are all cheeky and clever. Cat, Fox, Unicorn, and Panda. Win, win, win, and win!

Shop the oversized mascot heads here.

They have a ton of selections from infant to adult. To shop all their costumes click here.

An aisle over the magic happened. There were so many fantastic items I did not know where to begin my search. A few items that immediately jumped out were:

The Day of the Dead Collection by Hyde and Eek Boutique.

The figurines are vibrant and whimsical. These would be perfect on a mantle or incorporated into a centerpiece on the table.

The Stories of the Dark Collection is comprised of several designers and all is done well. Here you will find the traditional representations of Halloween (cats, witches, skulls, Jack o’lanterns, bats, spiders, and more).

I especially like a light up Boo sign that is in this collection. Very fun and would fab on a bar cart!

The Nocturne Collection has a lot of the darker selections for the season. Skulls, eyeballs, potion glasses, dark hued pumpkins, and more. This will speak to your inner scream queen.

I especially love the film projector and old telephone. Adds a little Hitchcock to your design.

The Skeleton & Tombstone Collection is super fun! I don’t recall seeing so many options. They have the standard human bones, alligator skull, wolf, bat, dogs, and more. There are great for a yard scene.

My favorite may be the cat eyes that light up. If I had double doors in the front you can bet those would be on display.

There is also a ghoul that is super creepy, but a great visual for those of you that like the haunted house style decor. Maybe when the kids are older. 🙂

Now, if you are looking for a simple tee or some clothes for your littles, Target has all of that in store. There are more options for the younger ones. Shop their clothes here.

I am fan of Target. I love what they are doing to their stores. The layout is superb. The selection is on trend. And, the convenience is amazing.

Hope you find as many goodies for Halloween at your closest Target store!

Boo Ya’ll!

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