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Why I Married My Spouse 3x

January 5, 2019

First, let me say Happy New Year! I am so excited for 2019 and all the amazing opportunities and adventures that lie ahead! This year will be full of hard work, growth, and most importantly you! Stay tuned for more info….

Ok, so this topic seems a little unconventional and you are thinking: a.”Did they get divorced and remarried?” b. “Is she a spoiled princess and wants a lot of attention?” c. “Do they have some sort of weird relationship?” You know that went through your mind or something similar =)

It’s all good. I am going to break it down for you right now. Chris and I met three years before we started dating. I was friends with his sister through a mutual friend. We met when he was home on military leave. I had just started dating my ex whom I would be in a relationship with for three years. It is crazy how the world works.

When we finally reconnected we both laughed at our initial meeting and the thoughts that went through our mind stayed with us. That guy is good looking. She is pretty, but taken! Thank goodness God had different plans for us and had our paths cross again when we were a little wiser, older, and open to a healthy and loving relationship.

So, let’s get to the good stuff. We were engaged while Chris was stationed in Germany. We spent a lot of money and earned a lot of miles traveling across the pond. He was my Skype boyfriend! xo! When he got “home” we had a ceremony at the Justice of the Peace and only our parents knew and attended. Chris was adamant about being married before living together. I like to tell people because he wanted to get on my insurance. haha – its a great inside joke. We held this ceremony on September 14, 2007.

Fast forward four months and we held our big celebration for our family and friends. We married in Puerto Vallarta at Las Caletas Island. It is a private island with a gorgeous view, cantina, private rooms, and beach front access. This was a blast of a ceremony and we had 90+ of our closest friends and family attend. That would be 11 years ago today! January 5, 2008 was a fantastic day for sure!

Now let’s skip ahead 8 months and we get to our Catholic convalidation ceremony at Christ the King in Dallas, Texas. The Monsignor that conducted the ceremony baptized me in my infancy and three of our children. It was a beautiful ceremony that blessed and acknowledged our marriage in the eyes of the Catholic Church. The ironic thing is this blessing was held almost a year to the date that we had our first wedding. September 13, 2008.

Now I bet you are wondering what date we actually celebrate. Well, we celebrate all to an extent. That means a Happy Anniversary or can you believe we have been married this long. Oh, the beach was fun etc. =) Our main celebration is September 14 and this year we will thank God for 12 years of marriage and our amazing family.

I did a post with more detail on our weddings etc last year and you can read it here.

Cheers for now! We are off to the East Texas Alligator Farm and Zoo with our littles! Have a great weekend!



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