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October 19, 2017

I had a mother daughter date today that ended up with a whole new arsenal of make-up. Yea! Bring it on Fall!

I have been known to wear many different brands. I like to switch things up from time to time and mix and match different brands in my normal routine. A few of the staples in my drawer are listed below:

Matte honey from Clinique provides great coverage and is light. This is perfect for a natural wear and works well with my skin, which leans towards combination (sometimes dry, sometimes oily).

The concealer from Bobbi Brown is smooth and applies nicely to the face. The finish is very nice too.

Sally Hansen at Ulta has a nice all over coverage foundation. This is not cakey and blends well.

ELF is price conscious and has a great mascara that volumizes.

These are just a few of the products you can find in my drawer. Like I said, I wear many different brands and like the verstatility of many products and how they work together. Well, today I worked with a make-up artist for Dior. Her name is Summer and she is in Dallas at the NorthPark Center Nordstrom location. We went for a dramatic finish to see what the products would look like. The evidence is in the picture. As many of you know I normally do not wear a lot of makeup but this brand is truly amazing. I have been Doir’ed!!!

  1. Dream Skin – this is a great primer and skincare in one. It smooths and corrects at the same time. It allows make-up to apply better and you will have a luminous glow with it. After four weeks of application you should see a noticeable difference in your skin too.
  2. Forever Undercover – this concealer is waterproof and should only require one coat. If you have heavier areas of concentration you many need additional applications. I liked this for under my eyes. Those dark circles were present today and I did not want anyone to know I was up with four little ones.
  3. Airflash – this foundation is great. It is so lightweight and does not apply thickly. One of my beefs with make-up is looking like I came out of glamour shots. I want to look as natural as possible while highlighting my angles with beautiful products. It is a spray product that is applied to the brush then face. It helps you skip a step of wetting your previous brush or sponge to have a continuous blend on the face.
  4. Flash Luminizer – this is a great highlighter. Simply pump the pen and apply. You can use this to highlight around the eyes and cheekbones. It can also be used to correct areas too.
  5. Browstyler – ladies you know that we have spent a lot of time shaping our brows. Well, stop! Thicker brows are back in with an arch located closer to the middle of your eye. The brow should also start in line with the bridge of your nose for a more youthful look. This pencil is a thin point that helps draw and fill with a similar appearance to a strand of hair.
  6. Lip Glow – this is a great lip balm. It helps moisturize and accentuate the natural color of your lips. I am wearing berry, which is the darkest balm offered. I really like how this applies. Five hours later I can still feel the traces of the balm on my lips.
  7. Lip Maximizer – this gloss is clear and is a lip plumper. There is not too much burning or tingling sensation with most plumpers. It is collagen enriched and rehydrates your lips.

I have not worn Dior in a while and am excited to use their new products and color line for Fall . One of the many features about Dior products is that most products have a refill and you won’t need to spend full price again. They also have a unique science to help with each of their formulas that correct and repair your skin.

While I am changing things up, I am also going to try an old remedy for my brows. Let me preface this and say I have good brows. They have been plucked and waxed over the years to accommodate age and trends. Now, I want to see if I can get back more fullness in my brow. Cross your fingers. Here is how I plan to do it. Daily, I will brush a little caster oil to awaken the follicle and stimulate that hair growth. Have any of you done this before? It works for eyebrows, lashes, hair. I will let you know how it goes.

What are some of your favorite make-up brands? What are some of the newest lines that you cannot live without?

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