Is it Snowing Yet

October 25, 2017

Outfit Details:
 Vest: Old Navy / Sweater: Old Navy / Pants: Old Navy / Shoes: Old Navy / Necklace: Old Navy / Earrings: Old Navy / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Wristlet: Zac Posen

I am all puffed up and I am not talking about having bulging biceps 😉

Every year we try to make it to the mountains. We love to ski and introduced our four little ones to it last season. They loved the experience and wanted to go back again. We are all booked and heading to out in the next few months. Colorado is always cold, super stylish, and very entertaining. I have skied at most resorts and love each and every one. A great one that is family friendly is Vail/Beaver Creek. Let me tell you why…

We like to stay in a hotel that is in close proximity to the mountain. If there is a ski in and ski out this is preferable. The Vail/Beaver Creek area has several options to choose from =) There are private residences and hotels.

The mountain is busy, but they have several lifts and runs that make it enjoyable. It is always nice to see people you know and have company on the mountain. Safety in numbers.

The ski school is fantastic. We had an instructor last year for the kids that was amazing. She really understood each and every one and adapted to their needs. We lucked out with an elementary school teacher. Yea us! The kids loved her and enjoyed their first full on experience in the snow and on skis.

The villages are happening especially in Vail. We love the night life and all of the restaurants and bars. The shuttles run pretty late and can take you to and from in a snap. During the day time there are a lot of parks, playgrounds, and shopping available to occupy those that don’t ski.

It is an easy drive from Denver. You are looking at 1 hour and 45 minutes to 2 hours by car. They offer have the airport in Eagle, but those seats sell out fast.

These are just a few reasons why we are partial to the area. I will share more details once we take our trip!

The look…

So, the other day I needed to swap something out for one of the kids and dropped into the women’s section at Old Navy. Lucky for me as they just received a new Fall shipment. I have always loved their puff vests. I use them when I ski as an added layer on not so cold days. I use them for everyday wear during the cooler days in Texas. They have a whole selection of vests in multiple colors. I ended up buying gray/silver color. It is neutral and will go with a lot of different looks. On the mountain it will not stand out due to color, but I can always add a pop to my gear with a scarf or pants!

My sweater is a beautiful lilac/periwinkle color. It is such a great sweater. I like the texture and pattern of it. It hits slightly below the waist so you don’t show off any unnecessary business. The color is beautiful and subtle and makes me smile just thinking about it. You know how I love my happy colors!

My pants are a fun plum. They are not the same material as denim, but have jean like effect. They are a skinny cut and have some stretch to them. You will love these on. They come in several colors too.

I had been wanting some almost white booties. They currently have four colors available in the exact shoe. It is surprisingly comfortable and water resistant. Yea for me especially when I wear them to Colorado!

Old Navy really surprised in this casual and chic outfit. I can’t wait for cooler days! Until then, I will be mix and matching these great finds! Great job Old Navy!


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