Tan Blazer

October 29, 2017

Part 3 of the weekend miniseries:

Ok, I love clothes and this season I have been shopping all over town. I have hit high end retailers and the everyday retailer. Fashion is not about cost. It is about cut, style, fit, and the confidence you gain when wearing a piece of clothing. Price does not make a look desirable. You do and they way you shape your style.

This look is brought to you by Old Navy. Typically I do not shop here for myself. The pants don’t always fit right for my tiny waist and bigger leg. It happens with a curvy body. It does not mean I don’t like the clothes. I just am normally in there like a tornado buying for my four littles and darting back out. I was pleasantly surprised when I popped into the women’s department. They just received a new delivery and the products were amazing. Most of the look is from Old Navy. How is that for success.

This look is so beautiful. The wool blend pea coat is a perfect length and the material is soft and comfortable. The shirt is sleeveless and has a pretty flow and bunching at the neck as it lays. It comes in a couple of colors too. The jewelry is fun and colorful with the long necklace. The pants are HUE leggings again and I have on zip booties from DV for Dolce Vita.

I really like this outfit. I feel beautiful, confident, and elegant. Take a chance on retailers and own this products when you wear them.

Until next time!

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