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November 12, 2017

Happy Sunday!

I wanted to take a few moments to share some of my favorite sweaters this season. Some are lightweight and others are more like a thick top, but in my eyes that counts! Cooler weather has finally arrived and I am ecstatic.

One of the biggest trends this season is the bell sleeve. I have plenty to share with you that are hanging in my closet! Another trend is in the details. I have some pretty knit patterned sweaters and big balloon sleeves too. Now sweaters don’t have to be traditional pull over sweaters right? I also have a vest style cardigan that is a great wear and added layer to any look.

These sweaters range from $20-$100. You can buy them at Old Navy, Nordstrom, Macy, and Target. When I shop I like to look for a bargain. I love well made clothes and will pay to get what I want. However, many people will simply overlook a retailer because of their name. Not this mama! I like to try it on and go from there! This season I have found many items that are amazing and affordable.

Here is a little inspiration for you this season and I hope you enjoy theses as much as I do.

Shop the post:

Now for the fun. I wanted to get your thoughts on Christmas appearing so soon in the year. I personally love all of the holidays and have found a way to blend the seasons. We like to call it Thanksmas! Thanksgiving decor outside and Christmas inside. Eek. I know some of you are not a fan of this, but honestly we have always decorated for the holidays around Thanksgiving. My mother owned a seasonal design company for many years and all of her little elves were out in force to spread some cheer.

Before you get upset, I want you to know that the children are well aware of the order of the holidays. We celebrate all and explain the emphasis and tradition of them. Quite honestly, they love the happiness that comes along with the festive decor and twinkling lights. I think we are on to something! =) I don’t have all of my Christmas up just yet, but I do have a wonderfully festive porch! Complete with pumpkins, hay, and all that is fall! This coming week I hope to share our Christmas decor. Until then, happy shopping and happy fall ya’ll!

Buy this exact door mat:

A girl can dream. It is not my porch, but is in my neighborhood! The look above showcases one of the sweaters I mentioned above!




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