Fashion Her Nordstrom Sale

NSale Reminder

August 10, 2020

Hey Y’all,

I wanted to give you a quick look at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before the online and store purchasing dates open up to card holders and the general public. Influencers access opened yesterday and on the 13th it opens for insiders. The 19th it will open to the public.

There are TWO things I want to mention about the sale. There are great savings during this time and everything sales out QUICKLY.

I’ll get straight to the point. Go to Nordstrom.com and make your wish list. The day you can purchase go get it! Things have already sold out so you can’t wait. Sometimes they will restock, but believe me it’s not that often. I’ll also keep you posted if products do restock. Here are some things I believe will sale out FAST.

Your basic black and white sweaters. Leggings in faux looks and joggers will fly off the shelf. Your mule, yes we’re still loving those animal prints. The bootie in a variety of colors is a hot seller so far. When you think of restyling the slipper shoe see what they’ve done this year. The sneaker, a basic white colored sneaker you just can’t beat.

You’ll be wearing the fedora as well and believe me they ZOOM out quickly. This year the layer mini skirt is hot off the runaways. Your everyday fun dress to use many ways is this leopard print that is so cute. For those who love the slim figure showing midi check out this FAST off the shelf number in white and a few sizes left in black. Your basic plaid blazer is still hot this Fall.

A new look for this Fall will be the bralett being worn with pants and a blazer so purchase your basic colors: white, black, tan. Here’s to savings and a fun Fall and Winter wardrobe for 2020-21.

See you soon!