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December 6, 2017

We are 19 days out from Christmas and only 14 days away from vacation. Woo-hoo! I can’t believe how fast the school year is flying by. It is amazing to witness my babies taking on their education. I am so proud of them and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

I am not going to lie…although school has been amazing I sure do miss my free schedule. Help me! hahaha! No one tells you that life will be even busier once they enter “big” school. Needless to say, a nice long break will be wonderful.

Who has a vacation scheduled? I would love to say we have one set in stone, but we don’t. We do have a tentative trip to Disney after the new year and are hoping things fall into place. We took them all two years ago and they had a blast. Now that they are older they will be able to appreciate the park more too. What are some of your tips about Disneyland? I know there are two theme parks and have been to both as an adult, but not with kids. Everyone says that we have to do Cars so I have that on my list if we do go in the new year. Between both parks there are 13 themes with more of the old Disney feel on the resort side. I love old school Disney. The reason I like Disneyland for the kids is it is a “beginner” park and not too overwhelming in size and attendance. When the kids get a little older we will definitely head to Disneyworld.

Wish us luck that all the pieces come together for a magical vacation to kick-off 2018. Until then, my trips to the country will have to do (which works for me)!

For those that love to travel and want a good carryall, you need to purchase this duffel bag from Boulevard East. The leather alone makes the bag worth it. They use English Bridle and Signature Windsor for their products that are primarily made locally in Dallas, TX. Some of the larger goods are made out of LA, but all are made in the USA. They come in two color combos and are made to last. Currently they are offering free shipping through the end of the year. A great gift idea for him or her. They also offer wallets, portfolios, and passport holders. New products will be launching in the coming year too. This bag is a favorite that will travel through the years with me and my family.

Here’s hoping you have big plans for the holidays. Have a wonderful day!


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