Breast Check 101

December 26, 2017

Today I had a followup appointment for my first mammogram. In July the radiologists found a spot that they did not like. There were a few clusters which most likely are calcification (small calcium deposits that are usually benign) and because this was my baseline appointment they wanted to error on the side of caution. I fully support their decision.

After my baseline, I was brought back in a few days later for more zoomed and different angle screens for the radiologist to determine the location, size, and pattern they were finding. They requested that I come back in six months later to check the for any changes. My scan today indicated that all was stable.

The best prevention of breast cancer is being proactive. This means several things.

  • You need to conduct at home Breast Self Exams monthly to determine if there are any masses, dimpling, changes to the nipple, discharge, etc. (see blow for a how to)
  • If there is a history of Breast Cancer in your family get in for an early screening as soon as possible.
  • Schedule a baseline appointment for a mammogram.
  • Go to your annual check-ups.
  • Utilize the technology. I opted for a 3D scan as opposed to a 2D.

Please note, at home self checks do not ensure that cancer is not present in the breast. They only a serve as a tool to help identify symptoms. It is highly encouraged to see a doctor as the best preventative measure of breast cancer.

I linked the Susan Komen website to walk you through the disease and answer any questions you may have regarding the how to and next steps.

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