Stripe a Pose

February 27, 2018

Photo Stripe

I pretty much have changed my policy of no horizontal clothing items. Stripes are just one of those great patterns that bring on a fun Spring and Summer vibe. I found two affordable options that are cute and flattering.

Let’ be honest I’m a MOM on the move. I need comfortable casual clothes to get me through my days. I never wore as many jeans as I have in recent years. I’m really more a maxi gal, but I couldn’t help pairing these two tops with jeans.

The cute horizontal top has such a cute sleeve to it. The little tie effect is darling and right on trend. When I say it’s comfortable believe me it’s like butter.

I added a Birkenstock sandal for the casual look. I mean who can beat this shoe, comfy and always in style. Everyone should own this shoe because of the versatility the shoe gives.

I’ve been adding a jacket, long cardigan, or coat to my looks because it finishes off the look.

On to the accessories! My new love are hats. I have tons of hair and it is pretty hard to find a hat to fit my head, but I did! Boho bags are a great accessory for this look. You can fill that bag with all sorts of things: laptop, diapers, wipes, water bottle or ??!? 🙂

I love the whole look because at the end of the day its about comfort for me. Go out in your day and be you, experiment with clothing that you love and make you feel beYOUtiful. This day I walked on the Reggae side of life.

Spring Ready

Check out this cotton top with vertical stripes. What I loved about it was the detail around the neck. It’s so cute and sweet. I’m a little girlie when it comes to sweet detail. It is at a great price point and can be worn many ways (jeans, shorts, skirts), which I will definitely take advantage of this summer.

Don’t you love this sandal. I never dreamed I would invite Kendall and Kylie into my home 😉 You will definitely see them a lot this summer. A great slide with bold details. Dressed up or down you are sure to draw attention with these details.

My accesories are totally me. I love my boho bag (that is reversible by the way). Free People offers many textures and colors in this style. Thank you! I love hooped earrings and wear them often, they are sassy and feminine. This specific pair is a modern twist to the standard hoop.

I have many fashion aspects to my style, one day I’m dressed like Dior, the next I’m in jeans, or in feathers and sparkles. I don’t have one style. For me it depends on the moment and event and how I want to present myself. I’m not afraid to step outside a comfort zone which makes fashion so much fun.

Hope you have a happy day. I’d love to see some of your looks, post a comment and show me the style your loving lately.

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