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Colorado Vacay Recap

May 15, 2018

Thank you for your patience. This year has been a whirlwind and I finally had time to sit down and do my thing! Colorado was a such a fun trip and the second annual Spring Break for the fam! Below are details for our family style vacay!

As you know, in my former life I worked for Southwest Airlines and I am a loyal customer! Their service is amazing, the boarding process for families is seamless, the flight attendants are friendly, and the cost is the best for this family of 6.

During Spring Break, we took the family to one of the most beautiful areas in America. The Vail / Beaver Creek area is filled with so much to enjoy. We choose the Westin Riverfront Mountain Resort which features 3 restaurants, live music, a wonderful open area bar, kids clubs, workout and spa, and “ski-in, ski-out” access.

A typical ski day consists of walking outside the hotel doors to the gondola to either catch a car up the mountain or a bus to the larger ski slopes for the kids. You can get right off and catch a lift up the mountain too. Drop the kids off for their private lessons in the morning while mom and dad play on the mountain. LUNCH! A few more runs on the kid’s slopes to practice and then back to the hotel. After skiing the kids loved using the hot tub and heated pool outdoors. Let’s just say there were a lot of snowball fights with family and new friends!

I have to give a high five to the designers of this resort. Their gym is one of the best I have seen and used through all of my travels. They have private rooms to take classes, a Pilates studio, a ton of cardio equipment, and weights galore! As a side note, several Olympic athletes utilize the facilities and there are live in quarters here too!

We couldn’t resist having smores every night on one of the many patios around the hotel. They have large fire pits that create the perfect ambiance and warmth needed.

When we first arrived  I wanted to enjoy our Mountain View and sat on the patio with a glass of wine. Just being in the Rockies soothes and relaxes. Not sure if I mentioned before, but my husband went to a military academy and we spent some time in Colorado pre-kids. We always bring my parents and cousin on this trip because they are fun and a lot of help. All of us don’t ski anymore so the resort offers a little of everything for everyone.

Our kids and the crew that helps keep this family going has us renting a home or a large suite. It works better believe me this way. We can cook all meals in house and the kids have plenty, well not plenty, but enough room to move around and not bounce off the walls. Remember, I have twin boys 6, a middle daughter almost 5, and a little one just turning 3. It gets a little CRAY CRAY now and then.

In Beaver Creek Village, after skiing we had lunch at the Resort that faced the mountain and it was wonderful. The food was excellent and you couldn’t beat the view. Loved seeing all the skiers come off the mountain. Fire pits surrounded the area with lots of chairs to cozy up to and have a warm drink.

The ski school was amazing and we’ve been so lucky to have wonderful instructors. The kids had a blast and continue to get better and better each year. This family friendly property has us hooked on a visit each year.

I chose to bring many winter looks I had shown throughout the Instagram posts. Even though the weather was filled with snow my gear worked amazing. I loved my pink scarf with the fun pom. It is warm and cute giving that little pop of color to any outfit I wore. My Uggs – well, let’s talk Uggs. Get you some. They last forever and are warm. You don’t have to buy a new pair often and they are well worth the investment, which can alway be purchased on sale after season or at Nordstrom Rack or the like for 30-40% off.

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Who didn’t love the leopard prints shown this season! I had to get those pair of mittens I just had to! I took two jackets with me – one short and the other long. They are both amazing and kept me very warm. I found a couple of fun beanies with large poms. Love love love! I think beanies are the reason I love winter so much!

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One of my favorite shoots was with my Jordyn. We coordinated our clothes through her sweater from H&M Kids and my tights from Walmart that I bought for fun in the country (one of the only places to shop and have such good inventory always), but what I loved about the pic was the beautiful natural lighting of the area. The trees, the snow, the way the light hit on everything. It was so pretty like a fairyland.

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I got to wear a new one piece swimsuit I purchased this year that had an edgy look to it. The zipper in the back was out of the old school way of design  and was part of what I love about it. The neckline was perfection. I loved the way the leg cut up my hip in just the right place. AND, the fit of the suit lifts in all the right places! I was so happy I got to shoot it, even in the snow of all places!!!

Nested in Vail Valley, a free shuttle operates from resort to town and is easy with no need for driving and parking (there was certainly parking if you needed it at various locations). I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had in Vail sitting on the most wonderful fur blankets. A cute restaurant kept them tossed over chairs for warmth as we people watched and enjoyed the delicious crepes and hot tadis at our favorite little spot, Crespelle. They offer savory and sweet crepes that are so good. Trust me, you need to check it out. Oh oh oh, and I can’t forget to mention our ice cream shop, Sundae Ice Cream Shop. Did I say, waffle cones with homemade ice cream, Yep I did!

There are cute shops to look and purchase, a little ice skating rink in Beaver Creek and Vail Village. We ate Italian food, of course we did, in Vail. There are quite a few restaurants that are equally good, but  Pazzo’s Pizzeria was close to the ice skating and always delivers! They are great with kids, offer a view of the skating rink, and are usually pretty fast. It’s always busy so get there a little early. No reservations just walk in.

Down the way there is an old school old world hotel called the Sonnenalp. They have a great “living/sitting room” off the bar that offers a library, games, access to the lounge, and fireplace. We took a little break at this place and enjoyed some French fries and drinks!!!

Off the town square is Mountain Cupcakes too! There are on the second floor and offer patio seating. This was the first time the kids ate here and they loved all the goodies to choose from – sugar rush!

That is the cliff notes version of our travels. Sorry this took a while to get out there! If you have questions or suggestions I would love to hear them. We travel here yearly and are always exploring. Plus, much has changed from my childhood and my time living in Colorado.

Happy reading!



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