Denim on Denim

April 12, 2018

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Denim no longer takes on the roll of work clothing. Thank goodness! You can mix and match shades from head to toe and incorporate other textures and colors for a fabulous look.

Here are some ideas on how to style your denim!

  1. Dress up your denim. Most people consider denim to be a casual piece of clothing. I am here to tell you that denim certainly is not. You can achieve a fabulous and chic look with denim. Simply look at your accessories and the fit of the jean. For example, I will take a skinny cut jean and add a heeled sandal. This one addition can dress up a look. I then look at the jewelry. I have long dark hair so I love long and big earrings. I will typically add bling or shiny metal to achieve this look. Depending on the top I will accessorize with long and short necklaces as long as they do not compete with the earrings and top. I then look at my wrist. If you are not a watch or bracelet person don’t worry. That is just an added space to dress up. I like to wear things on my left wrist so I combine all there. Finally, find a fun clutch or bag. There are so many gorgeous bags that you can’t go wrong.
  2. Make denim look sexy! Denim is normally considered a durable and casual garment; however, I like to accentuate what I was given and denim and can help you achieve this. One favorite way to add this appeal is to denim jeans with a fun cuff on the bottom. On top, I will go with a denim jacket or chambray top and only button the bare minimum. You can wear a bralette underneath or add a layered necklace to conceal a bit while still drawing the eye. Another way to add sex appeal with denim is to work a denim skirt. This season you are seeing longer denim that is form fitting like a mermaid style or loose denim that sits low on the hip. I personally would opt to wear a form-fitting top and possibly even a crop version.
  3. Distress to impress. I know it sounds insane to go out and purchase a pair of denim that has holes and/or a ripped cuff. Let me tell you, this was so hard for me to embrace. Fact is this season that is all the rave. Huge holes in the knee, slits here and there, and torn denim up and down both legs. This is so in style and it adds an edge to your look. Don’t be afraid to purchase this style. You may even have an old pair of jeans that you can distress yourself with scissors and a razor blade. If you don’t want to do this yourself head to an Old Navy or Target and buy a less expensive pair of denim to test ride. You will still get a quality material and good cut.
  4. Throw some shade. 😉 If you are feeling confident I would wear different shades of denim together. Of course, you can wear the same color and go for a relaxed boho vibe. However, if you want to sass it up use light and dark denim to make a look. You will also find that these different colors assist with the slimming and angles of the body.
  5. Cuff this…This season the bell and boyfriend are back. You are going to see on top of the normal hi-lo and frayed trend a wider ankle and looser fit. The thing I love most about these two styles is the high waist. Let’s face it, I am a mom of four and my tummy does not look quite like it used to. I love the fact that a high waisted jean with a flared cuff is still feminine and flattering. Right now Topshop has a great pair of bells in black and blue. Try them out. My go-to boyfriends are Levi’s that are a size up for a looser fit all around.

No matter your sense of style – denim will play a huge role in your wardrobe. You have so many options to create the perfect look and the added comfort of this fabulous material. Have fun with your style and look at these new trends as a challenge. I promise you can make them work for you!

Current denim finds:

I would love to see some pics of your look. Send them my way or comment with them!

Have a great day!



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