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Lavender Wool Coat

November 28, 2018

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I mean how can we not laugh at these crazy shopping days. So many gorgeous and in many cases needed products for our home. It’s been so much fun especially this year working on the blog. It’s been challenging but so rewarding when I get messages about how I’ve helped women find those special wardrobe pieces. Being a curvy woman all my life it’s been fun working through the challenges finding looks that flatter and I’m so excited to say that many companies have jumped on the bandwagon and actually made beautiful clothing. Also, the clothing has luckily been available in petite, regular, and plus size for the same products. I mean that’s a huge credit to the designers who are listening to the consumer.

This very beautiful lavender coat is one of my purchases during Nordstrom Mass Sale. I love it. I hadn’t wore it until this shot and when I put it on, I remember why I loved the color and fit so much. I have racks set up for shoots and believe me I will be using this one all season!!!

My fun bootie I got at Nordstrom Rack and I linked some similar booties for you. They are so cute and I got tons of compliments on the clear look. Yea!!! You can’t beat a black long sleeve turtleneck I find it’s one of my go to items for so many of my looks. The one I am wearing has a zipper and I linked others for you as well.

I hope you have a fabulous holiday and I wish you happiness and thank you so much for following my TexasMadre. I’ve enjoyed sharing my crazy lifestyle and family with you. It has been a joy to work for you. See you again soon. Off, I go to get my Party Gear ready and My 2018 TEXASMADRE WISHLIST. COMING VERY VERY VERY SOON FOR YOUR VIEWING!


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