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Crawfish Boil

May 18, 2019

When you’re from the south and you’re throwing a good summer party you immediately think of a cookout or a crawfish boil. In the spirit of graduation and summer gatherings I’m sharing some fun ideas to make that backyard party happen.

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First, let me tell you that I had never eaten crawfish until college. In fact, one of my very best friends introduced me to the art of peeling crawfish. I was always a bbq kind of girl!

One of the best things about a boil is the communal prepping and eating. Think spices, garlic, sausage, potatoes, veggies, and the glorious mudbug. Long picnic tables covered in traditional buffalo check tablecloths and food dumped and served straight on the table. Sounds good and dirty! Ha! You be right.

Peeling crawfish can be messy so the first rule of a boil is to wear something that will camouflage the evidence. A red t-shirt, dress, dark clothing etc. Half the time you are gathered round the table and leaning against the edge that will have remnants of the crawfish. So think smart and think the best way to blend in.

Have plenty of napkins around. Pros use wipes and have plenty of paper towels out to wipe your hands and mouth. The more the merrier so double up and have them on each end. At the end of the night put out a bowl of lemons too to help clean your hands. It will help remove the stink 😊

Many people think you need plates, but they aren’t really a necessity when eating crawfish. You are standing and eating at the table usually, but if you really want to use something get the paper boats. They will hold more food!

Don’t forget to put out drinks. Water, beer, whatever you want. Keep it handy and stocked as your guests will be thirsty and need it from all the yummy spices!

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Last, keep it simple! You don’t need extra food. The boil has it all. If you have non-crawfish eaters pick up chicken tenders as they are fast and filling and go with the prepared food.

Think picnic meets bbq meets patio and your are set. Create the layout you want with the tables, create the mood with some good music, and create the fun with your guest list!

I almost forgot. There are some dos and don’ts with eating crawfish.

You only eat the ones that still have a curved tail. If the tail is straight or semi straight that is a good indication that it was dead before it was cooked. Yuck!

Hold the head in one hand and the tail in the other. Twist and pull to find the goodness. Now I am not a fan of sucking the head. Can’t do it won’t do it, but many love the flavor from here. Once you have the tail peel it to find the meat.

Make sure you check the potty line as these bad boys are bottom feeders and need to clean out their tube. It will likely come off when you peel the tail, but better safe than sorry.

Ok that’s all for the do’s and don’ts. Happy eating!



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