Party in a Pinch

Party in a Pinch

I love a good party and am always game to throw one. Growing up I was always around elaborate setups and was treated to a fun bash every birthday. I learned early on how to use my resources and create something magical and exciting for all.

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Twins Turn 6

Twins Turn 6

My babies turned six yesterday and I can’t believe how fast we got here. We dreamed of having babies for so long and after several losses were blessed with these two perfect boys. God answered a prayer and made us parents and we are so grateful for this opportunity to love, nurture, and guide our children.

Twins run in my family every generation and there are a few sets on Chris’ side too. When we found out I was expecting two my mom said, “Well, you always said you wanted twins!” Funny how little girl play became reality. Of course, we are happy that we had a boy, but all we wanted was a healthy child and pregnancy. We were blessed by both.

I had a wonderful pregnancy and all along thought the boys would come early. Around 31 weeks we started to have preterm labor and I was surrounded by some of the best in North Carolina medicine. I was fortunate enough to have a steroid shot. For those that do not know, this assists the child so they have a better experience breathing on their own and strengthens their organs. Thank goodness, because the boys arrived at 34 weeks and 1 day. If I was a betting woman, I would have won big!

They did not experience any trauma, but were delivered as emergency c-section babies as one went breach and they saw a loose knot in one of the chords and did not want to take any chances. Thank you. When I tell you this staff was a well oiled machine you would not believe how amazing they were that day. From the time I was wheeled into surgery to the time of delivery was a quick 15 minutes top. The boys spent 13 days in NICU and we made some wonderful friends out of nurses that loved and treated our sons as their own. What an amazing experience and a blessing to work with these women.

Today the boys are strapping young fellas and are in kindergarten. They are exceeding our expectations and have such much joy, energy, and thirst for learning. We are so proud of them and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them.

Happy birthday boys! Momma loves you!


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Thanksgiving Recap

Thanksgiving Recap

Our Thanksgiving was a wonderful gathering with family. There were about 25 of us in the country. My siblings and their family, my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

I am not going to lie, it was a long day of cooking and cleaning, but in the ends everyone was happy and healthy. Thank goodness.

I am not sure if you saw my Thanksgiving morning post, but oldest woke up with a bite on his wrist and a serious infection in his arm. I rushed him to the closest ER and was greeted with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. So thankful for these men and women that were giving their time to work and care for others.

Luckily, the pharmacy was open and we were sent home with antibiotics to help him heal. So scary to see these reactions in your children. He was very brave and a little feisty as he was overwhelmed. Good news is we are a couple days out and his arm looks a million times better. We have a few more days of meds and then he will be 100%.

One of the first things we did when researching the area for our country home was locate the urgent cares, hospitals, etc. The small hospital we visited was efficient and the staff was amazing. I feel safe and at peace after experiencing their care first hand. So, thank you thank you thank you for all you do!

I posted a quick candid of my son and I on IG. Here we are – BLESSED!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed the great Black Friday and Cyber Week sales. If you did not catch my sale guides be sure to click on the tab in the menu!

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Mesh Cut Outs

Mesh Cut Outs


Do you ever have those days when you feel like everything is clicking? Well, that is how my week went. I kicked its a@@ and it felt good. Now if i could only get that to happen on a regular basis life would so smooth! In a perfect world my friends. Until then, I will settle for the little victories and feeling good.

My look is super casual. I dropped the kids off and knew I would hit the gym soon after. Casual, comfortable, and dressed up enough to not scare my peers. Haha!

The mesh cut out trend in athletic gear is a fave of mine this season. It is edgy and flattering believe or not. As a curvy girl I sometimes steer clear from cut outs and tears as it can highlight all the wrong things. However, these tights are done in a stylish and slimming way. Most cuts are at an angle or a peek-a-boo effect. Regardless, I have several styles and pairs. Thank you designers.

The best thing about these pants and the modern athletic gear is it can be worn day and night. Athleisure gear is an amazing concept and one that the women in my neighborhood embrace. Who wore it best? Maybe that should be a game to play at drop-off and pick-up.

Hope your day is amazing and sorry for being MIA. I took some much needed R&R before daylight savings hit and threw off our schedules.

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Fair Day – How to Conquer it!

Fair Day – How to Conquer it!

Tips and tricks for the State Fair of Texas!

First off, I never go to the fair without reinforcements. When you have multiple children or even one bring back up. It is a given you will want to go different ways or in different rides.

Two, with littles bring a stroller or wagon and snacks! Chances are you will walk to the gate and the whining I mean conversations will begin! A good snack to wake them up and some wheels will make the day more enjoyable!

Three, buy your tickets in advance. On the State Fair’s website they have several discount and purchase options for the week. Take advantage and have fun. You can be in the venue in a flash.

Four, load up on tickets. They work for food and rides. Games are part of the game pack cards that you can purchase in the midway.  Tickets also don’t expire and can be used year over year. Learned this trick this year. 😜

Five, water is a must! You can find 2 coupon water booths in most places. They are stand alone and are not part of the main food booths. Better to save those tickets for other fun things.

Six, check out the schedule. There are so many events that will give you and your littles a time out. Check out the pig races, watch pumpkin carving, go to the petting zoo. You will appreciate this break!

Seven, grab that pic with Big Tex. He is iconic and and the kids love to watch him talk. Make sure you find good lighting because he is in the most open sunny area. Oops!

Eight, kids rides are fun for adults too. Some rides will allow a parent to ride for free. Always ask and you will be surprised. Plus, your littles may be more inclined to ride if they know you are there with them.

Nine, make sure someone is snapping pics. A lot of rides will not allow phones out during the ride. Have someone snap and record for you. You will get a ton of great material!

Ten, try and make the electric parade. It is so fun and the lights will amaze the kids.

That is all I have for now. The State Fair of Texas is one of the largest productions in the country. If you aren’t local try and make one in the future. Something you should definitely witness in a lifetime!

BTW, M-Th the rides and booths open at noon. Ten am the rest of the week.

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