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Mascara Drug Store Tips

August 29, 2019

When it comes to makeup there are so many options to get that perfect smoothness, sultry eyes, and sassy lips. Unfortunately, some of the best cost a lot and aren’t for the every girl.

Today I am sharing three products that will help you get those long lashes. Keep in mind – I don’t have fake lashes and achieved this on my own with a quick 3 minute session.

First things first, all three are under $30 when bought together! Winning! Second, ignore my red eyes. I have all of sudden developed allergies in my long time on earth. Oh well! Last, listen up because here are the details you need!

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I used a primer, one for length, and one for volume. All are L’Oreal products and work surprising well together. Check out the tips below:

1. Apply primer and don’t allow it to set too long as it will dry up.

2. Use lengthening mascara and move it side to side to avoid clumsiness.

3. Apply voluminous mascara to create a fuller lash.

See it is super easy and very achievable.

Another tip is to never dip your wand in and out of the applicator. This will make the mascara start to dry up.

Another tip is to add eye drops to your product if you feel it is too clumpy. That will loosen up the product and make for easier applicator.

Another tip is to add a white highlighter to your lower lid to create an open and brighter eye.

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Products used are here all L’Oreal – their Voluminous Primer, Telescopic Mascara, and their Voluminous Mascara! For under $30 you can get stunning eyes! Let me know your thoughts!



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