National French Fry Day

July 26, 2019

It has been a blast working with McDonald’s and McDonald’s of North Texas on their outreach in 2019. One of the best things about this corporation that I continue to learn more about is the extent of their commitment to the community.

For those that do not know, I grew up volunteering at the Ronald McDonald Houses (RMHC) in the DFW area. Beyond that, my sorority in college chose the Ronald McDonald House in Austin as our philanthropy partner. Fast forward a few more years and my previous role with a massive airline in Dallas worked closely with Ronald McDonald House too. You could say this collaboration was in my destiny!

In July, we celebrated National French Fry Day on July 13, 2019. Every time you eat those french fries you are giving back. Bet you did not know that… For every pound of french fries sold McDonald’s donates $.01 to the RMHC. McDonald’s of North Texas donates $.02 for every pound sold too! Since 2016, McDonald’s of North Texas has donated over $1.2M to the local Dallas and Fort Worth Ronald McDonald Houses. That is just incredible and such a meaningful gift.

RMHC provides support and resources to families while their children receive the medical attention they need. There are now more than 64 countries and regions that benefit from these services and each are designed for their specific community and their needs.

compliments of Alpha Delta Pi

In Dallas, the Ronald McDonald House offers 52 private bedrooms and 6 transport apartments. Residents have access to everything they would need from play areas to kitchens to chapels. The house is designed as if they they were at their own home. Not only does the house rely on the support of you and the community, but the 100s of volunteers that help the facility operate annually. The same can be said of the Fort Worth house too. They can serve up to 57 families.

Many people ask how they can become involved and donate to the RMHC. To learn more about “Keeping Families Close” you can visit the Dallas Chapter here and the Fort Worth Chapter here. You can also make donations via the McDonald’s Corporate Community page here.

They are always looking for caring individuals to come out and visit with their temporary guests, to make a hot meal, and to offer a compassionate ear.

To say we need food to survive is an understatement. McDonalds will forever have a special place in my heart for their generosity and their delicious food. Especially those perfectly warm and lightly salted french fries! Yum! I am off to order some now 😉



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