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May 4, 2020

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These days you can find me chillin’ out by the water and soaking up some rays in my pretty white one piece. My paddle board now doubles as a lounger! We are trying to be inventive over here! By the look of things this spring it appears that this is as close to a vacation I will have for the next few weeks. AND I am ok with that if it means staying safe!

If you have been following me for a while you know that my kids are very active and they continue to find ways to play and release energy. We are so blessed truly to have our property in East Texas. Little did we know we would be using it for times like this. The benefit is it has given us an opportunity to reconnect as a family. We call it “Chuggyville” – that is my play on my husband and my pet name for each other.

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Back home we were in such a rat race in that we didn’t even have time to come out here. With a halt to our busy schedule and the social distancing practices in place we are grateful for this home and the land. East Texas is not under as strict as guidelines in Dallas, but I will say we are still taking many precautions. Many things have changed mostly our thinking about priorities in life. A bonus is my husband travels so often he’s been able to spend quality time with the kids and help me in many ways.

We all miss our family and friends, the kids miss their school and teachers, their sports Thank goodness for FACETIME, KIDS YOUTUBE, GOOGLE MEET, AND ZOOM. Modern technology is the rose among the thorns!

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I’m proud of our family and friends for following the guidelines set in place by our Governor. I fear the virus will come back just like the flu does each year and am hopeful that our medical personnel identify more information and medicine to help fight off the virus if it did. Until then we have to be diligent in our actions to protect others and ourselves even though this may seem like a far fetched task.

I am not trying to be Debbie Downer. I am more explaining how our actions serve as a ripple effect. My Instagram post today stated, “One small change can have an enormous impact!” I choose to look at the glass half full and have been showing our kids we can work through these obstacles. My husband and I are teaching them to adapt, rise above, and power through the “different” waves of life. In the end we will all be better for it!

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Thank you for all your support. Texas Madre continues to grow and influence people and I am so blessed to have this brand in my life. I leave you with my prayers to please be safe and continue to follow the guidelines so we can move forward through this time in world history.

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