Nordstrom Sale Ending this Weekend

Nordstrom Sale Ending this Weekend

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National Sunglasses Day

National Sunglasses Day

Well, if you did not know before you do now. There is a reason to celebrate everyday! Ha!

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My Weekend Sale Pics

My Weekend Sale Pics

Wow! What a whirlwind of a weekend. So much to do in so little time. My weekend in review!

Friday – Home Tour, after-party, late lunch, play date, dinner, kids to bed, moms night out until 3am!

Needless to say, I was whipped and had to start all over again for Saturday!

Saturday – Shop for last minute birthday party items, finish the cake for the party, set-up the party, head home and settle the kids, spa event and facial, home, put kids to bed, binge watch Christmas movies on Netflix!

OMG! You don’t know how much of a treat it was to watch TV. I never watch it anymore because we are so busy with school, activities, and work. When it is on it is normally Disney Jr or a football game. Haha! I was just telling a girfriend the other day how my DVR just keeps recycling my shows. So sad….Oh well!

Today – wake-up, clean and mop downstairs before the kids woke up, make breakfast, quick photo shoot, head to the Rustic for a show, home, tidy up, head to HP Village for a carriage ride through the neighborhood, dinner, home, bathe the kids, shower, and relax in bed.

Thank goodness everyone conked out in record time. A reprieve =) Crazy weekend, but a ton of fun.

Did you have a busy weekend? What was the highlight of your weekend?

My looks this weekend consisted of a lot of jackets and sweaters. Two jackets were on major sale and so were some of the shoes! All great looks to carry you through the season. You can dress them up or down, which is a major bonus as holiday parties are HERE!

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Neutral Sweaters

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Let’s talk Christmas wishlist or better yet, let’s talk about how much we LOVE the detail on these sweaters. Which one or all? Decisions decisions.

The bell sleeve, frill, and ruffle trends are on fire this season. You can find them on cardigans, jackets, dresses, pants, and more. These three sweaters are perfect examples of these styles and I have to have them all.

Two of them come in different colors which is awesome! You may just have to buy one of each. There is a great knit front and round neck. There are two v-necks with different lines to add to the look. All are under $100 and you can find them at Nordstrom now. Hurry and buy as their inventory has been flying off the racks. I kid you not.

The neutral palette is beautiful and I can’t wait for these to be hanging in my closet. I will see you soon you beautiful things!


Lace Up Bell Sleeve

Lace Up Bell Sleeve

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So, I have a little secret to confess. I love sweets! I have the biggest sweet tooth and could eat, bake, and smell deliciousness 24/7. That said, I am a little worried about the holiday season and staying on my A-game. Funny story – when we were stationed in Colorado my husband said, “Let’s not buy any bad food and stick to clean eating.” My response, “Sounds like a plan, but I can make everything from scratch.” OOPS! What are some of your tips for sticking to a healthy lifestyle regimen?

One thing I do is incorporate exercise into my daily routine. I must admit that between the kids being in school and activities and my job at Texas Madre and running the house this is becoming harder to maintain. To guarantee I get some cardio and weight training in my day I utilize at home streaming workouts. Some of my favorites are Fitness Blender and I recently joined Beachbody for their on demand workouts.

I also keep minimal groceries in the house. I try to shop for my week and use that food for our meals. The only excess food that I have is for snacks for the kids school and lunch. I don’t want to be left in a lurch if they want to pack their lunch or need fuel.

To minimize my want for sweets I try to keep fruit on hand. This is a great supplement that tastes just as great. Another trick would be to freeze your fruit. You can blend some of it up as an ice cream(ish) type dish or change the texture for the treat.

I drink a ton of water a day. I always have a straw in my cup. This allows me easy access and helps me consume more. The more water you intake the better you will feel, your skin will look great, you will feel full, etc.

Write down what you eat and what activities you do. There are a ton of free apps that will assist you here. Use them. This provides accountability and will keep you on track.

That about ties it up. Ha! Yes, pun intended.

On to the outfit. Don’t you love this lace up bell sleeve top. The velvet ribbon is a dramatic flare that stands out against the color of the sweater. It is from Nordstrom and is so comfy. I really like that it can be dressed up and down too. The color is a popular fall color and it is only $55. That is a great price for such a fun top.

The outfit stands out with the contrasting colors. Black on the bottom with splashes of color up top. The accessories complement the style and give it the needed flare. Guys, if you ever want to splurge on designer bags you cannot go wrong with Louis. He is my bud! This bag is simply the best.

I just hit my wall. I am off to get my beauty sleep. Until next time my friends!