National Sunglasses Day

June 27, 2018

Well, if you did not know before you do now. There is a reason to celebrate everyday! Ha!

I love sunglasses and have way too many pairs to admit the actual number. One thing I learned early on is to not spend too much money on my sunnies. Styles are constantly changing and things break. Oh yes, I love watching my three year old completely bend my Ray-Bans in half. I still need to take them in and have them reshaped. Help me!

I try not to spend more than $50 on a pair now days. Don’t get me wrong, I do have several designer pair, but have also found some amazing sites and stores to get the latest and greatest. Here are a few of my go to vendors for sunglasses.

On Amazon you can find one retailer that does an amazing job with their selection and price point. SojoS Vision offers styles for him and her and typically run $15 or less. That is an awesome deal.

Another place to visit is Walmart. You can score sunglasses as low as $5. Their selection is pretty good and you will always find something you like and can purchase. Plus, their sales are great on several brands.

If you are local in Dallas there is a boutique called L. Bartlett and they have several fun sunnies that are replicas of the top brands. Gucci, Chanel, and more. If you have not stopped by you must. They are located in Snider Plaza.

Nordstrom also carries an excellent selection of affordable sunnies. If you head to the second floor near the Topshop area at NorthPark you will find Quay (around $50-$60), BP. ($12-$14), and Leith ($24). I love these sunglasses and buy from them regularly. Styles are on point and the price is amazing.

Do you have a favorite sunglasses brand or retailer? Let me know and I would love to try them out.

By the way, fun fact – National Sunglasses Day was promoted in an effort to celebrate sunnies and raise awareness about UV Protection.

All right, I am off to bed. Happy Hump Day and talk to you tomorrow! Stay tuned as I have an amazing giveaway coming up for the planner in all of you!



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