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At Home Easter Traditions

April 6, 2020

Happy Palm Sunday! I can’t believe Easter is in one short week. The kids are excited to celebrate the resurrection of Christ and have a little fun with the Easter Bunny along the way!

I wanted to share a couple of fun ideas to add to your Easter traditions. Some you may already do and the others – well, consider adding them to your took kit!

Every year we head out to our property in East Texas for our extended family filled weekend. We hunt eggs, hit the pinata, and eat until our pants pop! This year things are looking a little different, but that does not mean you can’t celebrate and add to your memories.

Here are some of my family’s favorites for the season:

Dye Easter eggs – you can order kits online from here or make your own dye with vinegar, water, and food coloring. You will need bowls and a rack to dry the eggs! By the way, for a perfectly boiled egg add salt to water and bring it to a boil, then add eggs and boil for 15 minutes. Drain the water and add cold water to stop the cooking process. The eggs should peel easily!

Tell the story of Jesus’ resurrection. There are a ton of online resources for kids and they are genuinely interesting. You can also add a craft to this tradition to further engage in the lesson. We typically use the palms from church to create crosses and other Christian symbols. We print a lot of things from the Internet. All you need is construction paper (green and tan) and a pencil to trace your child’s hand. Make several tracings and cut out the shape and glue to a branch like shape.

Have the kids help plan the egg hunt. They will love having a role in the setup and preparation of coloring of the eggs.

We love to hit an Easter pinata (it’s our heritage). The kids love to stuff the pinata with a few pieces of their favorite candy or toys. FYI – don’t let them fill the whole pinata so you can sneak some surprises in there when they aren’t looking!

Power wash on the concrete Easter shapes around the house. Now I am not saying I am an artist, but I think this bunny does not look that bad. I was informed he was kind of scary. hahaha! It could easily be an Easter basket.

Have the kids make an Easter wreath. If you have an old hangar laying around that can serve as the ring or base of the wreath. You could also reconstruct an old wreath you have laying around. Use plastic eggs and hot glue them in a circle. You can add others decorative object once you have the eggs in place.

Bake Easter cookies with your kiddos. I happen to grab some sugar cookies that were ready prepped with chick and bunny designs on them. The kids helped me prep the pan and oven and they got to enjoy a yummy treat. You could also make a favorite dish for Easter. Again, our heritage has a lot of yummy recipes. One favorite of my dad’s is a ricotta pie. Check out this recipe!

Stain glass a window in the house. A friend in Belgium did this and I totally borrowed her idea. She used poster paint and painters tape. I use an inexpensive acrylic paint like this one. Tape the design you want and start painting. Let the paint dry and then peel the paint. I recommend testing a small area to ensure the paint is easy to remove.

Make cascarone’s confetti eggs. Yes, you can buy these super cheap, but I promise the kids will have a hay day making them. They are actually pretty easy to make. Whenever you cook an egg tap the top to peel away some of the shell. Pour the egg out and rinse the shell and let it dry. Then use a hole punch and paper to create the confetti for the interior. Only fill a 1/3 of the way. Last take a square piece of tissue paper and glue over the top. Voila – you have a homemade cascarone!

Finally, every year the Easter bunny makes an appearance. We own this costume! This year they are determine to trap the bunny – lol! They have an elaborate plan to trap him in a fort they build. Well, Chris is going to get trapped so I can take a picture for them to see evidence that they outsmarted him. Now this is a little tricky this year because they are starting to ask questions. Last year, they saw the shoes and were very curious about this. Wish me luck.

During this time as the world adjust to a safer environment, I have decided to dress the kids up in their Easter clothes as well as my husband and I. I will treat this holiday like I do all the ones we share with our family. I plan a Biblical blessing of what Easter represents, a nice meal, our Easter Egg Hunt and lots of laughter and games. We will share our celebrations via Zoom with our family to keep with the tradition of gathering as an extended family.

If you have any other Easter traditions I would love to hear about them. Hope your week is amazing and I look forward to chatting with you this week!

Oh, and I can’t end this post without sharing a few outfits as inspiration for your Easter celebration. This year I am 75% sure I will be wearing pants. Here are five outfits to consider for the special day! All are affordable and 4 to 5 looks you could pick from. All looks available online for pickup or delivery.

Shop these looks and others below!

Happy Easter and may the Lord bless you and your family this season!