My Weekend Sale Pics

My Weekend Sale Pics

Wow! What a whirlwind of a weekend. So much to do in so little time. My weekend in review!

Friday – Home Tour, after-party, late lunch, play date, dinner, kids to bed, moms night out until 3am!

Needless to say, I was whipped and had to start all over again for Saturday!

Saturday – Shop for last minute birthday party items, finish the cake for the party, set-up the party, head home and settle the kids, spa event and facial, home, put kids to bed, binge watch Christmas movies on Netflix!

OMG! You don’t know how much of a treat it was to watch TV. I never watch it anymore because we are so busy with school, activities, and work. When it is on it is normally Disney Jr or a football game. Haha! I was just telling a girfriend the other day how my DVR just keeps recycling my shows. So sad….Oh well!

Today – wake-up, clean and mop downstairs before the kids woke up, make breakfast, quick photo shoot, head to the Rustic for a show, home, tidy up, head to HP Village for a carriage ride through the neighborhood, dinner, home, bathe the kids, shower, and relax in bed.

Thank goodness everyone conked out in record time. A reprieve =) Crazy weekend, but a ton of fun.

Did you have a busy weekend? What was the highlight of your weekend?

My looks this weekend consisted of a lot of jackets and sweaters. Two jackets were on major sale and so were some of the shoes! All great looks to carry you through the season. You can dress them up or down, which is a major bonus as holiday parties are HERE!

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Check Mate

Check Mate

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This season I have been winning with Topshop. I love so many of their clothes and accessories. This jacket is one of my favorite finds. It has a side split and a single button in the front. The overall look is polished and fitted to accentuate the curves of the body.

This a great layer to work with in your wardrobe. The jacket is great for the business woman that wants to be bold in neutral and check print. For the casual and groovy gal the jacket is perfect to layer with jeans and a solid top. For a sophisticated and sassy look start with black and add a pop with the check print. There are endless options and because of the colors you can work in many accessories like this roll over clutch. An amazing piece of art that can be worn as a crossbody too.

I am not much of a chess player, but I do know a great move when I see it. Check mate and the jacket wins!

Knot Back Sweater

Knot Back Sweater

Sheet! My tag is sticking out. Oops!

Outfit Details

Sweater: Rosegal / Pants: Laundry / Earrings: Kenneth Cole / Watch: Michael Kors / Bangle: Roberto Coin / Bag: Steve Madden / Shoes: Indigo

Swoon! Isn’t this top dreamy? I was walking the racks and came upon this beautiful knot back sweater. The deep v and the peek-a-boo at the bottom are sexy, elegant, and sophisticated. As holiday parties are fast approaching it is time to start thinking about your outfit. Below are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. You can never go wrong in black.
  2. Add a little detail that will wow the guests. The detail on the back of the sweater is one way. Another is through a change in color. The red velvet heels add a nice cheery touch to the all black.
  3. Texture is a good thing. My pants and shoes are velvet. This material adds a richness to the look. To be honest, when I think of the holidays velvet is always on the list.

Do you have any holiday go to outfits?

This one is definitely on the list. Now all I need to do is find a LBD.

Hope you had a wonderful week!



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Fair Day – How to Conquer it!

Fair Day – How to Conquer it!

Tips and tricks for the State Fair of Texas!

First off, I never go to the fair without reinforcements. When you have multiple children or even one bring back up. It is a given you will want to go different ways or in different rides.

Two, with littles bring a stroller or wagon and snacks! Chances are you will walk to the gate and the whining I mean conversations will begin! A good snack to wake them up and some wheels will make the day more enjoyable!

Three, buy your tickets in advance. On the State Fair’s website they have several discount and purchase options for the week. Take advantage and have fun. You can be in the venue in a flash.

Four, load up on tickets. They work for food and rides. Games are part of the game pack cards that you can purchase in the midway.  Tickets also don’t expire and can be used year over year. Learned this trick this year. 😜

Five, water is a must! You can find 2 coupon water booths in most places. They are stand alone and are not part of the main food booths. Better to save those tickets for other fun things.

Six, check out the schedule. There are so many events that will give you and your littles a time out. Check out the pig races, watch pumpkin carving, go to the petting zoo. You will appreciate this break!

Seven, grab that pic with Big Tex. He is iconic and and the kids love to watch him talk. Make sure you find good lighting because he is in the most open sunny area. Oops!

Eight, kids rides are fun for adults too. Some rides will allow a parent to ride for free. Always ask and you will be surprised. Plus, your littles may be more inclined to ride if they know you are there with them.

Nine, make sure someone is snapping pics. A lot of rides will not allow phones out during the ride. Have someone snap and record for you. You will get a ton of great material!

Ten, try and make the electric parade. It is so fun and the lights will amaze the kids.

That is all I have for now. The State Fair of Texas is one of the largest productions in the country. If you aren’t local try and make one in the future. Something you should definitely witness in a lifetime!

BTW, M-Th the rides and booths open at noon. Ten am the rest of the week.

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A Walk on the Wild Side

A Walk on the Wild Side

Leopard! Yes, you will see it all over the place this season. I made sure I got on the band wagon and purchased a few pieces for my wardrobe.

I’m loving this little sweater. I have worn it with so many different looks and it’s proving to be just as much a staple as my jeans! You will find a variety of styles below to choose from and add to your Fall wardrobe.

Don’t forget the little leather bootie by Rebecca Minkoff. Not only is the cut so cute and in style, but it is comfortable as well. Add a piece of jewelry here and there and you’ve crossed over to the wild side!

The bag adds the edge and frill. The black fringe is so stylish. It works great with this bold look. It can be worn over the shoulder or as a crossbody and there is plenty of room to for all of your goodies!

When you are a mom you need to be able to swap and go on the drop of a hat. This look is perfect for a girls lunch or a day shopping. Change out the shoes and bag and you can dress it down for a meeting with the teacher. I love versatility and this striking look works well for this momma.

Happy shopping!

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Maroon Belles

Maroon Belles

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Top: Lala Floral Embroidered Bell Sleeve Off Shoulder Top - Navy (alternate color) / Pants: Women's Hue Leggings, Size Large - Black / Shoes: Franco Sarto / Bag: Kelly & Katie / Watch: Kate Spade Gramercy Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch 1YRU0007 / Earrings: Brinley Co. Sterling Silver Handcrafted Gold-Fill Hammered Hoop Earrings / Sunglasses: Women's Bp. Round Sunglasses -

The big bell is IN and we love it. Bell sleeves are so fun to wear and truly add that extra flare you need.

Walked into a cute shop in the neighborhood and found this very darling top. It is off the shoulder, comfortable, and the embroidered sleeves are exquisite. The maroon is available in store. The navy is the exact style that is linked on this post.

I added my trusty leggings, who doesn’t have a favorite legging to add to any outfit!

These new loafers are a hit and you will be seeing me wearing these often. Big hoops are back again and I’m really enjoying adding them to my wardrobe accessories.

My favorite color is pink so this blush bag is right on the money for me.

Everyone knows how big Kate Spade is in the fashion industry and she never fails to bring a beautiful added bling to her watch collection. This one is a go to for many of my blog pics.

Cat eyes are so in and the many styles available are incredible. I may or may not have 6 or 7 different styles 😳 the mirrored ones for this look are amazing and offer protection while being fashionable at the same time. Yea! Just so you know you’ll probably always see me with my trusted glasses.


Lala Floral Embroidered Bell Sleeve Off Shoulder Top – Navy

Women’s Hue Leggings, Size Large – Black


Pink Satchel

Kate Spade Gramercy Mother of Pearl Dial Ladies Watch 1YRU0007

Brinley Co. Sterling Silver Handcrafted Gold-Fill Hammered Hoop Earrings

Women’s Bp. Round Sunglasses –