Fair Day – How to Conquer it!

October 16, 2017

Tips and tricks for the State Fair of Texas!

First off, I never go to the fair without reinforcements. When you have multiple children or even one bring back up. It is a given you will want to go different ways or in different rides.

Two, with littles bring a stroller or wagon and snacks! Chances are you will walk to the gate and the whining I mean conversations will begin! A good snack to wake them up and some wheels will make the day more enjoyable!

Three, buy your tickets in advance. On the State Fair’s website they have several discount and purchase options for the week. Take advantage and have fun. You can be in the venue in a flash.

Four, load up on tickets. They work for food and rides. Games are part of the game pack cards that you can purchase in the midway.  Tickets also don’t expire and can be used year over year. Learned this trick this year. 😜

Five, water is a must! You can find 2 coupon water booths in most places. They are stand alone and are not part of the main food booths. Better to save those tickets for other fun things.

Six, check out the schedule. There are so many events that will give you and your littles a time out. Check out the pig races, watch pumpkin carving, go to the petting zoo. You will appreciate this break!

Seven, grab that pic with Big Tex. He is iconic and and the kids love to watch him talk. Make sure you find good lighting because he is in the most open sunny area. Oops!

Eight, kids rides are fun for adults too. Some rides will allow a parent to ride for free. Always ask and you will be surprised. Plus, your littles may be more inclined to ride if they know you are there with them.

Nine, make sure someone is snapping pics. A lot of rides will not allow phones out during the ride. Have someone snap and record for you. You will get a ton of great material!

Ten, try and make the electric parade. It is so fun and the lights will amaze the kids.

That is all I have for now. The State Fair of Texas is one of the largest productions in the country. If you aren’t local try and make one in the future. Something you should definitely witness in a lifetime!

BTW, M-Th the rides and booths open at noon. Ten am the rest of the week.

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