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Paddle Boarding on the Lake

August 28, 2017


For my birthday I received a paddle board from my hubby and little ones. This was an amazing gift and I have loved using it.

It is great fun, exercise, and entertainment. Let’s just say a few people have fallen off a time or two. Balance, what?

This weekend we snuck away so the kids could have one last hoorah before school starts tomorrow. They enjoy sitting on the board with me while I cruise the lake. One of the great accessories that came with my board was a removable seat. I use this on the board when the kids ride with me because it provides better balance so mama does not go flying! My husband bought the board on Amazon.

Speaking of flying. If I were to take a tumble I am usually in my workout attire so I don’t ruin any clothing. Alo has a wonderful mesh tank that I love. The cut is narrow in the shoulders and is easy to wear. My pants are from Capezio and are a very loose fitting lycra. They move easily on the body and are very comfortable.

When I am out on the water I like to wear a hat. This helps my skin and keeps me cool in this Texas heat. J. Crew sells a great straw hat that provides coverage and fits well.

My day on the water was great. I was outfitted well and enjoyed this fun day with the kids.

Adventure Paddle Board

Alo Yoga Tank Top

Capri Workout Pant

Straw Hat


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