January 2, 2018

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Happy New Year! Two days in and I am feeling great! Back in the grind and went out on a shoot today. Holy moly it was freezing! I should not be complaining because the hubby is currently in -22 for a business meeting. He wins!

Seriously though, the wind added a little nip to the air today and I found myself burning a bunch of calories with the shiver dance. You know what I am talking about. The inner shakes start and you find yourself warming up a little because of all the movement. Hahaha!

The best part of the day was having Uber Eats deliver food to the car on location. We had the kiddos today because of school vacation. They could only watch so many shows in the car before chaos ensued. So, I ordered them all Happy Meals and they immediately settled down and turned into little troopers. Bless them! What would we do without technology and on demand services?!

This look was my most glam and dressy for the day. I woke up in a sassy mood and it translated into pink, fur, and leopard. Winning! The vest is currently on sale and is soft and cozy. The pink is not too out there and adds the perfect amount of pop. It can be buttoned too if you are wanting a closed up look. I personally prefer to show a little underneath and help create movement with all the fur.

My heels are beautiful. The color combo of the leopard is a rich brown that makes a statement and can be worn with so many options. They are very comfortable and are under $100. I have had these on repeat since day one.

The combo works great together and is so glamorous! As Fergie sings, “G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S…Champagne wishes and caviar dreams!” Kicking off 2018 on the right track with an open mind, open heart, and even bigger dreams!



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