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A Little Sprinkle

October 12, 2017

Today, I was out for work and feeling like the ultimate girl boss in my gorgeous Halston pumps. I paired them with some Topshop coulettes that are great for all seasons and a black bell sweater. Okay, back to the shoes. They are amazing!. They are comfortable, beautiful, and the cut is so sexy with the open heel and wide band across the foot. You will not be sorry about this purchase because they are worth it.

This look is easy and comfortable with a touch of sophistication. The stripes on the pants are vertical and help elongate my body shape. That is a must for me when wearing stripes. Being a curvy woman I want to create the right illusions highlighting my body shape.

Did you see my earrings? These silver ball drop earrings are a step up from your typical ball drop earrings. Their sheen adds a richness to the look and they really make a statement escpically with my brunette hair. I loved the light weight of them and the stud style at the top.

While out and about I made a run to the ATM and came back with a surprise. The cupcake ATM that is…Sprinkles has been in Dallas for near a decade and in the past few years they added their famous ATM to the storefront. This is the best technology ever! You avoid the long lines, can visit after hours, and have a dessert for the family at the drop of a hat.

Okay moms, how many of you have ever fussed at your hubby for buying sweets for the kids and then turn around and do the same thing?! Ha! Truth!

I wanted to bring a treat to the kids as they have been rock stars at school this week. I stopped buying sweets recently (although I can bake them all from scratch – help us) so this was a real treat. Some of our go to flavors are Strawberry, Coconut, Vanilla, and today we added Pumpkin for Fall. All are delicious. I have to say though, I also enjoy their cupcake sundae at their ice cream store, that is another story!

Happy shopping. May your sprinkle carry through to your wardrobe!

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