January 19, 2018

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Welcome back! I am talking resolutions again and have an addition to my healthy lifestyle goal. This year I have seen more and more friends talk about their word for the year. That got me thinking that I need to do the same. It is another “resolution” that for me is an umbrella to many realms in my life. My word is purposeful.

This word is great for me and my goals. It is attainable and it translates to all aspects of my life. I want to be purposeful in my actions, in my business, in my relationships, in my volunteering, in my home, in my health to name a couple. Let me define it further for you.


1. Be purposeful in my actions and understand the impact it will have on my family and others.

2. Be purposeful in my business through set goals, a thoughtful schedule, and appropriate commitments.

3. Be purposeful in my relationships with my family and understanding their needs and wants, with my friends and scheduling time to be with them or talk to them, with the Lord and continuing to serve him and provide my family with the love and desire to know him, and with my peers and making virtual friendships turn into tangible friendships.

4. Be purposeful in my volunteering and be giving of myself without jeopardizing other areas of my life.

5. Be purposeful in my home and provide a more calm and positive environment by completing projects and removing the excess.

6. Be purposeful in my health and maintain the lifestyle of fitness, diet, and sleep that allow me to present the best version of myself.


Determined, dedicated, unshakable.


Have any of you ever chosen a word for the year? How did you pick it? What were things you did to keep you on track?

I love the idea of a single word and I hope to use this technique for years to come. Perhaps in the coming years I will make specific categories that the word has to relate to in order for it to be chosen.

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!



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