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Mom Life and Fall Weather

October 11, 2017

It’s feeling a lot like Fall in Big D. Thank goodness for cooler weather. I was beginning to think summer would last forever. Not that I am complaining. I just like to see some type of season change.

Today I was in such a hurry. I had to drop the twins off, get one of the girls to school, and take care of the baby too. Mom life to the extreme. I can tell you that I did have a mom moment and forgot to dress my daughter up for her theme day. That is never a good feeling seeing your baby stand apart because they are not matching their friends.

Moms it happens. It is life and sometimes those pesky calendars don’t work quite as well as you want them too. Not too mention that your phone is not updating properly and reminder emails aren’t received until the last minute. See – life happens. Instead of getting down and out I told the teacher I would be right back to make things right.

Sure enough my baby girl lit up when she saw that I had her western gear for school today. Thank goodness! I promised myself to sit down and redo my schedulers and make sure every date was in fact on the calendar. We don’t want a repeat of today even though things turned out well.

What are some of your tips for keeping the family organized? I personally use a monthly calendar in the kitchen and have everything on my iCalendar. This allows everyone who comes into contact with my family a glimpse of the day. By the way, I typically by a cute calendar like this one at Dollar Tree.

For days like today, I like to keep things casual. In jeans once again and a great Mustard Seed sweater from Dear Hannah. If you have been on my page before you know that I like one of our local boutiques. They offer their products through their instagram @shopdearhannah (you can DM or call) or shop in person. Here is the link to the exact sweater on their insta feed.

I linked several similar sweaters below. The look was pulled together with simple jewelry and my Franco Sarto loafers. He has two styles. One with a tassel and one without. I am wearing the ones without, but shared both below too.

Now that cooler weather is popping it’s head around the corner, I also have my denim jacket to layer. Yea for fall colors and cooler weather.

Luckily for me, it turned out to be a happy smoother paced day. Success – a little honesty in parenting and a stylish outfit if I do say so!

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