Beautiful Fall Colors

November 6, 2017

Good morning!

I am feeling amazing after a great night sleep and an early morning rise! Daylight savings is a funny thing.

Today is a big day. I have several conferences and then will help out at the school this afternoon. Staying busy and interacting with my peers is a blessing. While I absolutely love being at home with my babies it is refreshing to get out and utilize my skills and mind in a different channel. I am so thankful for my parents who help me have these days. I can’t be 100 places at once and they certainly lighten the load.

I always like to dress for comfort when I am subbing. It makes for a more comfortable day. Today I pulled out a few faves of mine. You can always count on the classroom being cold so I pulled out my wine/pink plaid scarf. Don’t you just love those colors? They are vibrant and happy. This piece is great as it can serve as a wrap or scarf and can accommodate my look and the weather in and outside. Thank you!

I layered over a DR2 top and some Lysse leggings. If you have never worn these pants you should try them. They have a control top and hug the body and help slim. What girl doesn’t love that help? My leopard slides are everything. So chic and comfy. They material is a fur that is so soft. The pattern is bold in a delicate way. I know that sounds crazy, but the spots call attention to the shoe while not being too overbearing. They are small and fabulous.

Just wanted to say a quick hello and share my ootd! Hope you have a wonderful Monday! Talk to you soon!



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