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Defining my 2018 Resolutions

December 31, 2017

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I know I know everyone always has the same New Year’s Resolution. Get fit! Well, that is my main goal, but what it truly means is to find a healthier lifestyle and model that for my family.

Being healthy is attainable. I know that I need to eat, sleep, workout, and live right to see changes. Overall what I am really doing is being kind to myself. An easy formula to follow. Right?! You would think so. What I have found over the years is that I am really good at setting goals and following through; however, life happens and I will fall back into the same cycle again.

For me my weight has always been a topic of interest. I am an above average height woman that is very muscular. I learned in the early years of high school that I had hypothyroidism which effected the way my thyroid functioned with my brain and the body. Since then I have remained on a now lower dose medication to supplement that function and regulate my body. I have mostly maintained a healthy lifestyle, but I feel like at this point in my life I am at my “worst” – I say “worst” lightly as I am a confident person and feel great about myself. I just know that I need to make changes so I can set an example for my children and teach them the proper way to live. I also know that I need to protect my health and take all preventative measures to ensure I live a long and healthy life.

It is scary to see changes in yourself and know that you can stop them, but have not done anything thus far. I am going to get back into my daily workout routine. 30-45 minutes of cardio with weight training 2-3x a week. I am going to find a great app to hold me accountable with daily eating and fitness goals. I am going to talk about my goals so others can hold me accountable.

What does this mean to you?

Moving into 2018 I am plan to share my journey with you. I will be modeling healthy eating and workout techniques (mind you I am not a licensed nutritionist or certified trainer). I will be suggesting ways to stock your pantry and refrigerator. I will be taking time for myself to recharge. I will find better sleeping patterns and hopefully an amazing mattress to accommodate that sleep ;). I will surround myself with positive influences to attain these goals.

You think we can do it? Do you have a similar goal?

Lets take on 2018 and show them who is boss. I am ready to present my best step forward and plan to be around a long long long time.

Please understand that in no way shape or form do I feel that being curvy is equated with being overweight. Nor do I have a problem with a plus size look. My goal is to be HEALTHY.

I am going to break the cycle and maintain a new way of living. I hope to inspire others to join along with me. Cheers to a fabulous 2017 and looking forward to a prosperous and healthy 2018!



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