BELIZE please

March 19, 2019

It’s my cousin’s 40th this week and he wanted to head out to a tropical location to celebrate. My husband and I were definitely on board with this idea. We’ve traveled throughout our childhood and continue to do so with our kids. But, our kids aren’t coming to this one! Couplescation!!! Yes, a new word for I can sleep in!

There are so many wonderful things about travel and the cost vary as you decide when to travel and how to travel. We always watch SWA first schedule of flights months in advance to take advantage of the lower fares. We also use our credit card points to help book flights as well. You’d be surprised how your spending can also earn you points for hotels and flights reservations. I do want to say that we just booked a trip to NYC and found the fares so cheap we didn’t use our points and just paid for them, once again using our credit card to earn further points for another trip in the future.

I’ve had so many messages about people wanting to go to Belize I plan to shoot tons of pics for you. I will also be making notes of the places we eat and tours we take to give you our heads up on how that worked out. I do know one thing about Belize from others, it’s a laid back trip no need for dressing up unless of course you want to.

Shop the post:

This little jumper I found at Target in the new Spring and Summer collection is coming along for the ride for sure. How cute is it! I love Target’s buyers I truly would give them the #1 best buying and new branding of all stores in America. This is NOT a paid collaboration I really just feel it’s been wonderful seeing the change as I shop here a lot.

The cute mule I died over. Oh, yes I will be wearing these out. Maybe, I should purchase a second pair I do know this they are flying off the shelf. Online I’ll go! You might notice the round darling bag from last year but I linked a few others so cute for you. My cardigan was perfect for the day as Dallas hit in the 80’s then back down in the 40’s all in two days. Crazy weather!!!

Until I get back I wish you a happy day filled with the sweetest of moments. I promise to bring to you the best I can of my trip to this beautiful laid back place called Belize!



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