Blooms – A How to Guide for Arrangements

January 13, 2018

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Wow! What an ordeal it was to fix my YouTube channel! You can follow the Texas Madre Channel by clicking here and subscribing!

Proudly sharing my first vlog with a quick and easy tutorial for arranging flowers.

As mentioned, I purchased my flowers at Central Market in a prearranged bouquet. I wanted a more contemporary flare and offered techniques for a beautiful arrangement.

The specific flowers used were as follows:

**Garden yellow and red rose

**Alstroemeria (pink lily looking one)

**Solidago   the long yellow one

**Dianthus (little pink 3 petal flower)


**Daisy (small purple w/ green inside)

**Hypericum Berries (green ones)

On a side note, I laughed so hard in between takes etc. I have not been behind the camera in this capacity in a while and am a little rusty. You will have to excuse the “ums” – interview 101 – do not feel like you need to fill dead space. It will all come back to me 😉

Hope you enjoy and if you have recommendations for making arrangements I am all ears!



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