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December 19, 2018

Welcome back friends! Before we begin I would like to tell you what is on this elf’s mind! If you have not guessed – we are all ready for the holidays here and it is important to remember that, “We elves try to stick to the four major food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup!” Thanks Buddy for the great tip! 

Elf Style:

Decorating for the holidays always pulls out the creativity in me and makes me excited to bring the holidays into our home. I try to recreate something magical for my kids. This year I bought two new garlands and swapped my traditional Christmas for a more whimsical and jewel tone Christmas design. I justified the new design by alternating these two designs year to year.

A lot of my decor is from one of my favorite stores in East Texas, Paul Michael Co. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase a lot of this inventory online. You have to head into the store. You can check them out here. They also have a spot in Roundtop, Texas, one of the largest antique traders show in the U.S.

Like I said, I bought two new garlands and used seven different decorative pieces throughout. I did add a Mackenzie Childs, like buffalo check ribbon on my living room garland and tree to bring out a depth in the design.

Get the ribbon:

Oh, I forgot to mention our new paint work in the house. We had a red tone brick surrounding the mantels and our cooktop area. I was so hesitant to paint them but in the end I am so happy I did. We used Sherwin Williams Snowbound!

We also had very beautiful wood stained cabinetry throughout the house and I had them painted as well. Our beautiful staircase was wonderful, it just didn’t bring out the light colors in the house. Since, our home faces the South, the light didn’t come in and it made the rooms very dark. I suggest if anyone is wondering how to handle that type of issue, this paint worked wonders. 

You’ll see our Elf joins us often throughout Christmas and he appears to be hanging out on the basketball hoop! My son, Camden, loves this as these are two of his favorite things!

Shop the post:

I love large artwork and my beautiful ethnic lady in the dining room was one I had been wanting for a long time. When I went back to purchase her she was no longer available. A few years later I happened upon her and purchased immediately. 

When we lived in North Carolina, I purchased my Christmas plates. I love them and now that the kids are older I can bring them out to enjoy our meals in a festive way. Yes, you do see the elves dancing on the reindeer on the dining table!

Get the plates:

Every year my mom always goes to Pottery Barn and Target to purchase the newest holiday patterns for the kids dining. You can see the new ones shown above. 

Some of the product is on sale here:

I try to always show the reason for the season and my globes reflect the birth of Christ. I love this globe because as we’re all hustle bustle purchasing gifts and going to events, I feel sometimes I have to sit back and be reminded of what this whole holiday is truly about. Just seeing it brings a smile and appreciation of all I have been given and how thankful I am to be a Christian and believer in what is important in life. BTW, my Dallas snow globe is a collectible from Saks. 

A similar globe here:

If you are wondering where my carpets are in the house…well, I have two Labs and they are getting very old. Sad to say the carpet acts as their potty area so I had to take them out until one day I don’t have my precious boys. Makes me cry just thinking about that time. There’s been lots of Fabuloso on these floors to clean and refresh them. Miss my carpets, but love my Jericho and Kaiser more. 

I’ll be showing more of the house as we finish our new hardwood floors. They look amazing and all carpets had to come out due to Jericho and Kaiser’s issues. I can’t wait to show you how pretty they are. Sometime, this new year I’ll show the rest of the house.

Merry Christmas Everyone. I have loved seeing your IG’s, blogs and comments. What a wonderful community of people we get to meet as we go through this phase of our electronic life! It has amazed me that I feel like I know so many firsthand, yet have never met in person. Who would have thought!!! I wish you a safe 2019 with all the happiness and success life can bring.



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