New Year 2 Weeks in Review

January 15, 2018

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Back 2 School kicked off this week and let me tell you – everyone is super tired! Our Christmas break was amazing, but man did it feel long. Who is with me?

Post Christmas we headed to the country and had a fantastic time with our immediate family and friends. The kids played with their Santa gift (a trampoline) and aunt/uncle gifts (basketball hoop and balls). This kept them busy for hours upon hours. That was our plan when we purchased property. To provide the kids with an open space to run, play, create, and imagine like children. There is nothing better than watching your kids laugh and play with joy and purpose.

We rang in the New Year with friends and fireworks and headed back to Dallas to transition into our routine and relax. While we kept busy and played with new toys, games, etc. the kids were a little restless. It has been so great watching them adapt to a full day of school and I know they missed the structure, learning, and their new friends. One of the boys asked me if he would be in first grade when he returned to school. Awwww, how cute!

How was everyone’s holiday?

We had a great three day weekend full of fun and activities! Birthday parties, postponed family Christmas celebration, friend dinner, The Rustic, and a quick trip to East Texas. There is always something, but we love the time with each other. Hope your weekend was fabulous!

If you are in Texas stay warm and wrap those faucets (thanks dad)! The snow clouds have rolled in and I hope it is going to a beautiful and white morning tomorrow!



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