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January 24, 2018

I have always been a clean and organized individual. However, now that I am a mother of four and busy out the wazoo I find myself deterring from some of the practices I always followed. Keeping my home clean, uncluttered, and happy.

Currently my home is welcoming and clean (downstairs-sort of) hahaha! I could have people over for a dinner party and could fake them out about the true chaos that exists. I am in between three projects downstairs. Yes, you heard me right. I am completing the redesign of my downstairs bath (wallpaper needs to go up), taking all of my wood (cabinetry and shelves) to white – this makes me sad, but is totally needed, and reorganizing the home in a purposeful way that will remove excess and bring a more positive energy into the home. WOW, that sure is a lot.

I promised myself that all of these tasks would be done 1Q of 2018 and you know what…I have only done a little reorganizing. This is not a FAIL, but it is a wake up call that I need to get on the ball and schedule these tasks to hold me accountable. Prior to kids I would have whipped these out in a second. I am not complaining by any means as my babies are my life, but I sure was Johnny on the spot in my younger days!

Now, when you move upstairs is where the “mess” persists. I am not a hoarder, but I do love my momentos. I am currently working on smarter ways to maintain those memories without my house overflowing. Schoolwork = photos displayed in a photo book (to be made), old clothes and toys (bags being made up and delivered to shelters and gifted to people we know), junk (i.e. everything else) to be removed from the house. I guess as I am aging I am requiring a more simplified sanctuary to relax and raise my family. Have any of you started to feel this way? Do you think it is the times and influences of this decade?

I know my family secretly thinks I am a mess and overextended. You know you do so don’t lie… I really want to improve this side of my life as I don’t want that negative energy, I don’t want the piles, I don’t want the overwhelming. I want to be super mom or claim my dad’s title of the terminator.

I think it is attainable. What about you?

Shop my looks from last week:

I kept it mostly casual with basics like leggings, jeans, sweaters, and a jacket. The weather was freezing in Dallas last week so layers on layers was the best practice. You can’t go wrong in boots and I stayed in my black boots in all styles. I love to wear my clothes with different looks. One of the best compliments I received was from a follower complimenting me on reusing items in my wardrobe. They said it was a more realistic approach to style and they enjoyed the versatility of a piece.

Gucci Red

Parka Pom

Parisian Style


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