Room in the Broom

March 13, 2018

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If you know me, you know that I love all things feminine and flowy. I am literally always in a long skirt or maxi dress when weather permits. I love the comfort and flattering style and feel confident and beautiful in these styles.


This spring and summer you will find me in many of these outfits. In fact, I just cleaned out my closet to make room for the new finds of the season. One of the those finds is this beautiful crinkled broom skirt. The fit is amazing and you can most definitely size down. There is always room in the broom 😉 ha! Plus, broom skirts tend to have more fabric and if you are a curvier woman you will want a more tailored fit to accentuate those lines.


My ruffled top is a bodysuit and a must. This clean fit and the detail are beautiful. You will want this in your closet. It comes in three colors and they have another style with a different sleeve. I wore the sleeve slightly off the shoulder for this shoot.


My accessories are all on trend and just under $15! Can you believe it?! I have told you  many times that fashion is not about cost, but about the style, cut, and the way you wear it. These pieces are a perfect example of the beauty and design that will not break the bank!

I have to cut this short – the kids are now sitting in a box that is slowly flattening. I think they are done with creative play. We are out and I will be back in touch this week! Happy Tuesday!

What are some of your favorite spring and summer styles? Leave me a note in the comments!



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