The End of Summer in Review

August 31, 2018

Check out my looks from this summer here!

July and August were busy months! We settled back in to our routine at home, attended camp, celebrated family and friends, worked on a few collaborations, and got busy with my volunteer efforts. Get comfy because this is going to be a long one!

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale was a big highlight for July. I have shopped it in the past, but on a more casual front. I can tell you one thing. I learned a lot and will do things differently in 2019.

First, the sale is a little chaotic and you need to be organized in shopping efforts. I definitely recommend making an appointment and using a sales rep to find your clothes and place them in the dressing room. You may want to have a buddy with you too that knows your style and will pull items.

Second, study the catalog before you shop and save it to your wishlist. This will be so helpful and save time and energy.

Third, try on as many pieces as possible. Take pics too if you can! I honestly loved everything I purchased in store. I took several pics and tried on everything, but when I got home and tried things on again many didn’t work or meet my expectations. I tried to mix and match items and pair with accessories and shoes I bought, but they did not work out. So I returned a handful of items and purchased more online. You give and take through this whole process.

Fourth, I went a little overboard this round because I totally revamped my fall wardrobe. Next year I will look for a few staples and work with similar styles that I have from years past. There is no reason to go broke saving money! Yes, is it nice to have new things. Do I need them all. No! Can I work with pieces from the past. Yes! I will write a post soon talking about classic and timeless pieces that transition well from season to season and year to year. A versatile piece is the best piece.

Fifth, things sell out quickly so make sure you keep an eye out on certain pieces because they do restock fairly quickly. PROTIP – if you are a cardholder you get early access to the sale. PROTIPSECRET – if you spend 10k within a calendar year you get access a day before the sale launches and have first dibs on everything!


OK, so there is more to summer than the NSale! I had the privilege to celebrate a sweet friend on her milestone birthday. We went to Austin and used AirBNB to find a fabulous home in the hills. I will write a post soon on our experience and where we ate and what we did! Stay tuned.

We also celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday! He is so funny. He did not want a big celebration or to call any attention to this birthday. My thought is he outlived his parents and their age when they passed and it made the number very significant. I feel like certain birthdays are delicate as it represents a number that many feel is “old” yet he really is like the terminator. He goes on and on and on and can dance circle around men half his age.Here is hoping and praying we get another 70 more out of him.

Have any of you encountered this with loved ones or with your experience with the aging process? I honestly still feel pretty young. Don’t get me wrong – I still have those aches and pains to remind me of the memories of childhood and have made adjustments in my lifestyle to match the season of my life, but I feel like I am still moving and shaking with the rest of them.


So this year the twins went to their first outdoor camp while the girls danced the days away. One of the twins did amazing and loved everything about camp. He met new friends, played sports, and appreciated the interaction between counselor and camper. The other twin was a little hesitant (most days) at drop off, but at pick up was Mr. Johnny on the spot and camper of the day x2! Ha! I would like to pretend it was because he missed me, but I am learning that there are certain anxieties he experiences with the unknown. The best I can do is calm his fears and show him that I am there and that his concerns are valid and he is safe and will enjoy himself. Is this a common issue for you or your peers? I would love to learn more!

The girls attended princess dance camp and were sass on sass! They did an amazing job and loved dancing and dressing up. They attended a sweet studio that is founded on Christian faith and learned a lot of new and technical moves. The biggest take aways for me were one loves and prefers the freestyle and lyrical side to jazz. The other does what she wants when she wants and will be the most outgoing and silly three year old out there! ha!


August was our annual trip to the beach. We have vacationed in 30A for the past 4 years and will not be stopping anytime soon. We rent through 360blue.com and stay in the camp district of Watercolor. I did a post on this last year here. It is a magical town/strip that is so family friendly. They have a good balance of adult and child friendly activities. The water and beach are gorgeous and the people are so friendly! I highly recommend visiting if you have never been!


The kids all went to school this year for more than three hours. Woohoo!!! Can I get a high five?! Two went into first grade, one entered kindergarten, and the baby started five day preschool for five hours a day. A lot of milestones and growing pains through this process =) I am amazed that I had a part in creating this wonderful humans that are eager to learn, work past fears, meet new friends, and represent themselves as a responsible kiddos. So proud of all the growth they have displayed in their short lives. I can’t wait to be there biggest cheerleader and advocate as they navigate school and life!

So, in a nutshell this was my July and August. Busy, fun, and rewarding! Sorry I have been a little MIA. Things will get back on track mid October! Promise! Thank you for being patient and sending encouraging notes along the way. Life happens and I am human. Working on that perfect balance!



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